Set pantang Spa & Ma . My review.

Local celebrities/ instafamous figures are popping out babies from their uterus like fart. And they seemed to be using almost the same postnatal services and baby products. Lately natalis postnatal treatment and happykiddo are appearing quite frequent on my feed. I had a look at the price of their packages. Ermmm.. maybe not for me. I will have my own mother as my confinement lady and I will buy my own confinement set.

When I had Ee 6 years ago, I did not use any set berpantang. (confinement set) But when I had Ninie, I thought I’d give them a go. I knew I was not going to consume much of pils or jamu, hence I chose Spa & Ma because the selection of items are more for external use as opposed to having to eat them.



Part of my reasons for opting this set are;

  1. Relatively cheap as compared to other postnatal sets. It retails at about RM300 plus but I bought it for RM192 including postage on Shopee.
  2. It smells nice and less herby. I enjoyed using its body scrub and intimate feminine wash. It leaves that fresh and minty feeling down below. Especially bila kita dah bertekang kan from all the heat and blood.
  3. It had a FREE TRADISIONAL BENGKUNG. Previously I bought a long body corset from this very scandalous company which guaranteed me a lifetime warranty but I can’t seem to fit in it anymore this time. And my previous seller is no where contactable now.
  4. The set included a manual to help you navigate through the many items in the package.

Unfortunately I found a few major flaws. The tungku had a very herbal smell to it which the cockroaches love. I had difficulties to maintain the dryness and hygiene aspect of the material. If I coverwrap it, it would not dry. If I keep it in high or secluded places – the roaches can still find it. In the end, I used my moms tungku – pure, original batu sungai.

The Gamat emulsion had no expiry date on its bottle. And the Kelapa Dara Oil too does not have any protective foil or cap to prevent contamination for it to be safe for consumption. Some may argue that it is organic but still biarlah penutup dia mcm yg botol mineral tu pun OK. Ni tak.. so I was not really convinced of its safety.

*product owner would probably say I bought a fake set online*

The Jamu capsules on the other hand was properly sealed, labelled with ingredients and had an expiry date. I took the trouble to go through each of the ingredients, which is a good thing. They have properly cautioned that it is not safe for pregnant women. Additional readings of the ingredients persuaded me not to consume it while I was still lactating. Now that I have stopped breastfeeding and expressing breast milk, I think its time to take care of my health properly. Perhaps slimming down a size or 2 eh? With this jamu? Cause my plantar fasciitis flares up once in a while and it hurts.

Tapi takut plak nak makan. Ha ha ha.



Hello Beautiful Face Serum . A review on a Malaysian grown beauty product.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review and this blogpost does not represent Hello Beautiful Skincare in any way. Any form of opinion expressed here are of mine alone exclusively. Hence, results or benefits obtained (if any) from using this serum are based on my own experience and may differ from other similar users. 


I couldn’t commit myself to a proper 8 glasses of water per day to prevent myself shriveling like a raisin. I mean – who’s counting? But the effect of poor water intake is getting obvious with age.Most importantly, it shows on my complexion. As a woman, it bothers me. Especially when you’re the type of person who goes bare faced or minimal makeup all the time.

So I count on a baseline face which has at least a healthy non oily glow to it. I needed a replacement for my usual Korean serum which needs to be couriered from overseas and everything is so freaking expensive nowadays. However, I once trusted our local product Simply Siti with my facial cleanser and has since became a loyal customer .. thus I don’t see why I shouldn’t give Hello Beautiful Face Serum a try.


This serum boasts in its ability to;

  • even skin texture
  • increase glow & radiance
  • absorbs rapidly
  • boost collagen production
  • reduces wrinkles & fine lines
  • keeps skin healthy

I am counting on its ‘increased glow and radiance’ claims. I want to have that youthful pengantin glow at all times !! Hahaha.


Women who needs to step out of their home, sometimes without makeup to run errands and rule the world yet look ‘Camera ready’ and radiant all the time. Sounds like you huh?

  • Women who needs to pick up their kids like instantly from school, night tuition, the mall or a camping trip. Like NOW!
  • Women who are fitness enthusiasts and enjoy any form of physical training in the gym. Think Nana al-haleq who works out without makeup girls!! Doesn’t she look stunning?
  • Women who have to work night shifts for instance at the Mc Donalds drive-thru, nurses or in my case be oncall the whole night and not look like hantu seeing my patients.
  • Women who proactively choose the organic way of living – who treats their body like a temple and wants the best for their skin rejuvenation therapy
  • Women who has sensitive skin and needs an alternative which is safe and affordable
  • Women who endures possible occupational hazard which may affect their complexion et cetera – for instance modelling with all the makeup, the surfing instructor in the rough sea, the volleyball trainer under that scorching & burning sun.
  • Women who loves selfies especially with that ‘good morning’ face

Then there are these rare group of men who could benefit from the product too. Men who;

  • loves selfies and gives that ‘good morning’ face too
  • frequents the gym and leads an organic lifestyle
  • are the face of modern men, a professional perhaps or a businessman who needs to look presentable and dashing all the time




  • Those with severe skin conditions. In my opinion, if you have severe acne or super heavy pigmentation ( something like jeragat ), it’s best to not start on this product straight away because skin like these would need to be seen in a clinic for evaluation and aggressive treatment first to solve the root of the problem before it is rejuvenated with this serum. You will see my reason why afterwards
  • Young teenage population who intends to buy these with their parents hard earned money – unless they get them for you
  • Those already using an organic face serum. You wouldn’t need this one because what you’re already using is wonderful. But if you’re looking for a local alternative (there’s not many of them in Malaysia) then do consider switching to Hello Beautiful.
  • Those who are looking to be Snow White. This is not a product to make you fair and lovely – it is to enhance your natural glow regardless the pigment of your skin. So if you are Michael Jordan – you will not look like Michael Jackson but you will look fab as a Jordan.


  • I fell in love with its citrus scent immediately. I had to discipline myself and apply only 2 drops instead of trying to bath in the serum
  • Ingredients carefully selected by 2 practising doctors. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t choose to put dangerous, life threatening stuff in this little potion, creating unrealistic expectations thus risking their job. See how they’ve included The Liquid Gold a.k.a. Argan Oil in the serum? Only the best for the skin
  • Application is so smooth and silky, it practically disappears into my skin. No sticky-sticky. No awkward sting. Nothing short of pure luxury.




  • Its a product that is strong enough to stand on its own without having to put drops of other essential oil in it. So do not feel pressured of having to buy other oil products to mix inside this already luxurious item.
  • The price is a hefty RM99.00 which is why its not a good idea to buy this as a salvation therapy for super troubled skin. For rejuvenation and minor repair, yes. Radiant? Yes. Mega repair, maybe not with 1 bottle of this serum. It only has 10mls of serum inside. The price is relatively expensive compared to the famous Olay Regenerist serum (50ML) itself but remember, this is 100% organic ingredients. No chemicals whatsoever.
  • Accessibility. This product has yet to make its way to the warehouse of FashionValet. Or local drug stores. If it does, then it’ll be really available to consumers throughout Malaysia at the click of a button. As of now, you could get it through their social media sites and accounts. And selected dropshippers. 😛


At the end of the day, do I feel like a glow worm? I am on my 13th day of serum which I apply once daily, usually at night. So far, it has yet to reduce my hyper-pigmented acne scars and thermal burn from an oil splash some time ago. Perhaps I need more time and more frequent application. But I do find that my skin tone is more even especially those red areas you see around the nasolabial fold.I use less foundation at those problem areas and it does not look cakey on my face despite not using a moisturizer before applying my makeup.

I think Hello Beautiful is worth trying. You will love it.


3 day weekend every week please…

I think every week should have 3 weekend days. The first day of weekend will be camouflaged with you going to a course or something. So it’ll be a somewhat productive weekend. The middle day for you to rest or spend time with the family. Whilst the final day is to pick up on leftover chores and make prep for work.

So today, the 2nd day.. was my liburan day – berpoya2 and have fun. I get to wear fancy makeup and shop for nonsense. We wanted to watch a movie but nothing awesome with the correct timing was on. Most were at times coinciding with the calls of prayer which was kind of inappropriate. Yes, we could have solat at the mall but takpelah.. we rather do it at home. We’re a very cheapskate sedentary couple sometimes. We could only walk certain number of steps. I think we stop at 5000 steps and groan of tiredness.

I bought a new eyeliner from Hermo.Com the other day. It was from a Korean brand, MISSHA, which I have grown accustomed to as I loved their BB Foundation Cream a lot.  I have been using the foundation since 2013 and getting em supplies online. Prior to this particular eyeliner, I have tried from Maybelline but they have discontinued that particular line I liked, plus Datuk Siti Nurhaliza was not their product ambassador anymore.


The MISSHA eyeliner is marvelous. It washes off with water!! Taking ablution with it has never been easier. it costs a fraction of what Sugarbelle cosmetics are selling at right now but the x-factor seems similar. It peels off easily without smudging your complexion. Pretty much like you lekat gam rona itam rah mata and kopek nya. 


I also played around with The Sugarbelle Cosmetics Nude Range. Mocha Dream is my new favourite now. The pigments are not that heavy and it reminds me of the Papaya Colour lipstick I used to wear during my medical school days.

Coincidently there was an Elianto Warehouse sale at Dataran Pahlawan today. Im not a fan but my sister is.. So I got her some stuff simply because I love her. 😛


I also got extra face mask and that lippie balm + eye glitter as goodies in my Parcel Kasih Sayang. Can’t wait to decorate the envelopes and post them off.

As of tomorrow, it will be a designated day for grocery shopping and preparing slides for an Organ Donation talk next week. I just hope I am not PM Shift on that particular day. I would be so disappointed. Like, very. And then I tak mau kawan you. 

SimplySiti : ‘Glocal’ and affordable

I find that I am slowly having this inclination towards local products in the beauty section – the  SimplySiti brand to be exact. Perhaps it is because the range still has a Korean essence to it, only perfected with a Malaysian touch. By our famous songstress of course, Dato Siti Nurhaliza. On top of that, with the current exchange rate – I have to think twice when ordering an item online especially when it’s from overseas. So if anybody have any recommendations to replace my Missha BB Foundation Cream and Missha Time Treatment Essence, I would be so thankful.

 고맙습니다 gomabseubnida !!

I did a SimplySiti haul at Watson’s recently. Say hello to the new folks;


SimplySiti EDP Precious RM 69.90
SimplySiti HidraVita Treatment Cream (Vitamin E) RM 33.90
SimplySiti Argan Mascara RM 39.90
SimplySiti Elegant Lipstick (Wanita) RM 29.90

The HidraVita Treatment Cream is another repeat purchase – just like the Dermagic Moisturiser. It could be a placebo effect but I do feel that my blemishes are kept at bay. I decided on the Precious EDP because it smelled better than the rest. It has yet to match Ralph Lauren’s Style (somebody.. please recommend me a perfume with somewhat similar accent) which is now not in production anymore. But I’ll just try it and see how it goes. Plus, the packaging is cute with the ribbons and such. It can be a budget gift for any girl on any occasion too.


It took me ages to choose a lipstick that could bring out the perfect nudé before I finally settled on a particular colour named as Wanita. I don’t want to appear too dressed up for work yet not lesu and lemah at the same time. Hope to put it to the test next MOnday.

So here is my little SimplySiti family. Say yes to Malaysian products!


MISSHA Perfect cover BB Cream


Another cosmetic brand originating from South Korea. I have been using its foundation and lip tint ever since I discovered it during my holiday to Seoul in 2013. I’m easily drawn to something new and strange because in Malaysia I’ve only heard of Etude House and Skin Food. I had no idea this brand was.. BIG. Perhaps its because the price tag had the ability to create a big hole in the purse if converted to local currency.Well.. maybe. I don’t know. SK II seems to be doing just fine.


The foundation I used has an SPF42 and for my Malay skin I used NO 23 (Natural Beige).  I think this is the darkest tone available which is considered still ‘light’ for my skin tone. Correct me if I’m wrong – I am not a beauty blogger who does her research. In short, if you’re Ning Baizura or Yunalis Zarai, this product may not be suitable for you. But if you’re Lisa Surihani or Jihan Muse it’s a keeper. If you’re Diana Danielle or Emma Maembong, then do choose a lighter tone. HIhi. kitak faham sik ya.. 

I bought it online through the trusted website Lazada. Com. It was priced at MYR 52 for a tube of 50mls which usually lasts me for a year. The price was with shipping cost included and it arrived in the mail within 3 days. Hurray.

Recently, I came to discover of a product under the MISSHA roof which was rumoured to be able to challenge SKII’s Miracle Essence. It has been around for some time but I’ve only got to know about it for the past 6 months. It is called TIME REVOLUTION – The First Treatment Essence. It has a somewhat similar and exclusive packaging like SKII but I was disappointed that the local MISSHA webstore did not provide an update regarding this product, hence I have to seek for more up-to-date information from its cousins website in Singapore.

I read reviews regarding its magic. This article in particular and also this one by Morgan stands out of course and I was eager to try.

Now all I have to do is wait for another package to arrive straight from KOREA!! AGAIN!!