Greenish HOtel Langkawi

This is a 3 star hotel located in Kuah, adjacent to where most Malay Malaysians love to shop – Haji Ismail Group shopping mall & hotel. It is only about a 25mins drive from the airport and roughly 10 minutes from the jetty. Room rates are at a range of RM135 – RM185/night.

EE at the lobby with the grandparents
Basic toiletries, hairdryer, mini fridge, free coffee & tea, hot shower.. lurvly..
View from our room. The pool. Petronas ( you can do the 10 000 steps everyday there and shop at Mesra. LOL).

All rooms have a balcony with different views of course and has free high speed WIFI. What I loved most about the hotel was the very friendly staff that genuinely helps you with the bags and the superb pool with its mini cafe that opens at night.

The guests here are thankfully not from those big tour groups. It can be a nightmare to be in the same hotel with big groups as they tend to hoard the breakfast food. Some even muka tak malu go and tapau to eat in the bus. We did however spot few guests that sneaked the breakfast buffet food up to their rooms! Mentang2 ko warga asing boleh plak buat suka hati.

If there was anything to improve regarding the service and facilities here, it would be ;

  1. The breakfast selection. I acknowledge that one should not expect selections like the ones served at 4 or 5 star hotels. But if a 2 star Seri Malaysia hotel can serve good food and fast service (clearing tables) – guests tend to have higher expectations. In Greenish Hotel, the best food was mi goreng ( serius sedap) and the omelette. I was disappointed with the coffee. Although I am not a coffee connoisseur, it still felt difficult to gulp down the beverage.
  2. Housekeeping need to be mindful in the small details. Pay attention to the depleting complementary beverages, the full rubbish can etc.
  3. Ventilation in the lobby. Perhaps it was an effort to conserve energy and electricity but when you have a lot of people waiting to check in and out – the heat does get to you.
  4. Parking space is free but limited. If you don’t mind walking, you could park at the gas station beside the hotel or even at HIG shopping mall and walk a bit. Perhaps the hotel will decide on expanding depending on the demand. LOl.

Despite the shortcomings, it was a pleasant stay on a budget. Definitely my go -to- hotel in the future.

Raya Aidilfitri 2015

Raya Aidilfitri this year was rezeki. I initially volunteered to be oncall on the 2nd day of Eid but something happened and I was somewhat rewarded with a day off on that day. My oncall slot was replaced by another colleague. It was in fact a swap as I became the bidan terjun for his call the weekend before.

Our little family’s theme was Turquoise. It was a decision made last year. Who knew it was a popular choice this year especially with the #makkohijau thing-y going on. We have also decided for the colour theme next year. ha ha.


We celebrated the Raya morning at my in laws house – Mr Husbands kampung which was literally 5 minutes away. Ha ha.. bless Hazeeq for having his grandparents nearby. We performed the Eid prayers and continued with breakfast. It was also my nieces birthday , so a round of birthday cake it was.

We went in a convoy to visit relatives around Malacca and the kids collected their duit raya happily. Hazeeq alone managed to collect a total of RM400.00 over the 3 days of Raya celebration. Very generous people – thank you.


Since I was not oncall on the 2nd of Raya, Mr Husband suggested we go visit my parents and stay the night. My mother made the usual Ayam Masak Merah & Daging Hitam. Then, together with my parents we went to pay a visit to an old neighbour in Damansara – a place where I grew up in my early childhood years.


3rd Raya was more entertaining. It was in Segamat – my MIL’s hometown. Every year her siblings would organize this family/hari raya gathering day. it’s a half day event filled with nonetheless eating and drinking, sukaneka, colouring competitions, medical screening, lucky draws & such. It felt weird the first time round but it felt more natural years after. I honestly secretly enjoy the activities.

My 3 year old boy participated in the colouring contest. He did not win of course but it was ‘exposure to competition‘. He did however won the Spongebob competition – where the toddler soaks the sponge and squeeze it in a cup. Any father-son team who got the most water in their cup wins. They received a hamper and boy he was overjoyed. Ha ha.


3 days was enough for our Raya this year. Mr husband needed to get back to his work as well. Alhamdulilah for the time well spent with our families.

20 Syawal.. and Eid is still lingering

I was actually looking for the kids from the orphanage centre – just to say HI – but none were to be seen. I take it its because I  have arrived fashionably late for the annual Eid gathering organized by the hospital committee. I was after all scheduled to come in for the evening shift thus honestly not keen to arrive early for the ceremony. The plan was to sneak into the hall, grab some food, take selfies and proceed to my worldly duties. Indeed, that was what happened last Friday. I joined the fun in just under 30 minutes. Chomp chomp, Nom nom, Smile Smile, and off I went.

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People were dressed in colourful dresses, baju kurung and kebaya. Food was awesome. Laughter and jester was heard from every corner of the concourse.


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It also brought out hidden photography talents among colleagues. I wished those who could sing would go on stage and hum a tune or two. No one claimed to have such talent though. Selfies took place like mad. We had a ‘family photo’ as well and I thought it was interesting regarding a colleagues technique in trying to make us smile.

It wasn’t the classic ‘Cheese’ or ‘Kimchi’. Instead, at a count of 3 at 2.. he would abruptly scream ‘senyum!’ in a loud commanding voice and by 3, we were grinning or laughing hysterically.

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Apart from a chance to have good, delicious food, it was also a moment for myself to get to see my colleagues family – those who bring their kids and stuff. It helps to put a face to a name especially when they talk about these special people during casual conversations at work.

20th Syawal today.. and the Eid engine is still running like the Snowpiercer. Already I have another 2 invitations for another Eid gathering this month.

My dieting regime is going down the drain… Oh noooo..