the short trip to Johor Bahru


If it was entirely up to me – I’d probably sleep my way from Saturday (postcall) to Monday. But Mr Husband has other plans and when he throws Ee into the picture like “kesian Ee cuti sekolah tak pergi mana2” _ I caved in. OK lah oklah… where are we going?

Merenung Jauh



and I imagined having bowls and bowls of laksa johor. which I ended up did not having. *pilu*

For our short stay – we booked a room at Tropical Inn. Which is just opposite Double Tree HIlton guys. A contrasting picture indeed. Wished I took a photo. One old school, haunted look hotel and the other, very modern and posh.

Despite its ancient decor – our room was clean with complimentary breakfast. There was no bath tub to Ee’s dismay but there’s a mini fridge which was good enough. The location of the hotel is very near to the shopping mall and Pasar Karat. You can literally walk there in 10 mins unless you’re heavily pregnant like Yours Truly.

Air conditioning was inconsistent. Perhaps they switched it off temporarily at night during certain hours as sometimes you do wake up feeling either too cold or too warm.  To save electricity, maybe? Otherwise, the service and amenities were fulfilling the star ratings. If only the breakfast options were a bit more meriah.  ha ha

The highlight of the trip was a visit to Zoo Johor. Its a small zoo in the city and the entrance fee was super cheap. RM1 for kids and RM2 for adults. Most of the time I’d be sitting down on the benches while Ee and Mr Husband climb the many flights of stairs to see the lions or something. I just couldn’t manage it anymore. Generally, it was still a nice zoo where the whole family could enjoy a day out together with minimal budget.



As of food, Wak Radols satay is a must. Mr Husband seems to like it very much.

somehow we drove to a different branch of wak radol..


This time, we took the opportunity to try Sup Tulang Zz’s famous mee rebus. Each bowl was quite pricey. Taste-wise .. nasib baik sedap. tkdelah very marvelous but the dish kept the business going.



And like any tourist, a picture around bandar JB is a must. We wanted to go to the night petting zoo but posing near the crown at the fountain was good enough. I thought the city was very pretty at night with all the LED lights. Very clean as well. If only we could stay longer but our jobs await. hmph.





Malacca Premium Outlet, Cendol Bakar & Rojak

Perhaps a valuable lesson to teach your young uns is of how to do window shopping – and that was exactly what we did at Malacca’s newest shopping attraction  – Freeport Malacca (Premium) Outlet.


It has the usual things  – the windmill was pretty. My boy loved it a lot. We tried on shoes and clothes but we did not buy anything. Ntahlah .. tkde nafsu nak beli apa2. After all we are saving our mullah for our ‘delayed honeymoon trip’ next month.


This also means skilfully distracting our boy from going into Toy World and making up creative excuses for him to not go on the carousel or indulge in money related activities. kedekut.



We did have lunch at the foodcourt though. Expensive. Whadya expect? But since Ee finished his spaghetti meal – it was worth every penny. Despite not buying anything, we spent nearly 2 hours day strolling and checking out every store – comparing prices from what it should be outside the outlet. I’d say it’s quite  a bargain for the quality of things one could get from there. Perhaps they’d be even greater discounts during festive seasons. At least I know now where to get a nice pair of Santa Barbara Polo Racquet shoes …

I loved the open concept. I wish there were more trees or shady areas. Perhaps it will be in many years to come.

Our adventure did not stop there. We also made a pit stop at Cendol Bakar Drive thru. Ordered 2 VIP cendol before heading off to Alor Gajah to buy its famous rojak. A day well spent.

hello Ipoh – our hotel and food

This was a much awaited trip. 

The 5 hour journey however turned into a 7 hour stretch. I swear I could grow a beard in the car. or have roots growing from my buttocks. We bumped into a lot of mini accidents along the way, none were that disruptive to the traffic but invited audiences in the driver seat to have a peek all the same. It was raining cats and dogs in Ipoh hence we were glad when we finally arrived at the doorsteps of DeParkview Hotel.


The hotel boasts of a 2 star facility. I wouldn’t mind giving it a 3 star based on the warm welcome at the front desk itself. Both ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’ seems to know the best place to get food including whereabouts of the local Pasar Malam and best place to get limau bali. 

I loved the new-ish room and bathroom facility with hot showers! It has a kettle – yeay! Two complimentary bottles of mineral water with coffee sachets on arrival (only). Free shower gels, toothbrush and fresh towels. Apart from that, ironing board, extra pillows and hairdryers are available upon request.

Perhaps we’ve missed the memo but the rooms are not made up on a daily basis despite putting a sign outside the room. Thus, we had 3 days worth of rubbish sitting in the dustbin in the room throughout the stay. We did look for a common bin outside the room, along the alley .. just in case. But there were none. So we left the bin outside the room for the rubbish to be disposed of. It worked. So thats why its a 2 star facility – hahaha. Yang penting bersih.

Now comes the important question :

Would I stay in this hotel again? A definite YES!

Our main objective to Ipoh was actually to visit The Lost World of Tambun. Will get to that later. Sambil menyelam sambil minum air.  We did however get to taste some of the popular local eateries here. 2 in particular are;


No.1,Jalan Margosa D/8,Seri Margosa,
Taman Seri Botani.

We had a difficult time persuading our little Ultraman to come along. All he wanted to do was watch cartoon in the hotel room. The laksa was a bit spicy for our boy but we adults enjoyed it. Kira adalah rasa ikan. We were a bit lost at first on how to place our orders but we followed the crowd. The place was packed. The turnover rate for each table was pretty fast.


I was a tad disappointed however with the attitude of some of the young uns. There is little ‘urgency’ to eat up their food and they somehow seemed oblivious to their surroundings. Its as though they feel the need to claim their birthright to sit at the table for hours talking nonsense because ‘hey I paid for my laksa and drinks – I can sit here for as long as I like’ come on lah – this laksa is so nice you should share it with other people. Let this makcik have a seat and enjoy the meal as well.


This is a noodle based dish served in a fish-y soup concoction. Normal laksa would have hard boiled eggs as its choice of condiments. This particular cafe chose to serve its eggs in a nest-like appearance hence its name. It was delicious all the same.

My next mention is ..


Apparently this Nasi Vanggey was also referred to as Nasi Ganja because it’s said to be very addictive. Also seems like Nasi Kandar to me. A rice dish with many side dishes to choose from. I ate safe by having what is biasa. Mr Husband chose my dishes of sotong kari and ayam madu. I am not a fan of rice dishes (omputih sangat)  but I suppose this one is OK. I wouldn’t mind having it again. Boleh kenyang satu hari. 


Perhaps I can next try the Halal Dumplings. Or any other special Ipoh food apart from the coffee. Any recommendations?

Taman Agro Tourism, Cameron Highland

We have been here a few years ago and the hills of Cameron Highlands, especially at the main entrance are still as dirty and messed up as ever. I wonder what other tourists  – overseas tourist – would think about it. Of course, it gets prettier and cleaner as one gets into the small city and visit the main attractions .. but wouldn’t it be more molek if the journey to is equally marvellous?

It could be due to the ongoing construction so who am I to judge …

It was a day trip to Cameron Highlands this time – so we paid a visit to Taman Agro. Also known as the Big Red Strawberry Farm. FREE entry fee. FREE clean squatting toilets.


Naturally we went there for the strawberry products. On top of taking gazillions of pictures with the flowers, cactus and even the hydroponic salads. There were a lot of people flocking the area as it was the school & Diwali holidays but we were not deterred. Nak makan jugak. 


Hazeeq posed endlessly. Mr Husband was also encouraging him along the way. Well, he too loves to pose. Mr Husband kept saying he is this unfound gem in the modelling world. Muntah pliss.

My mother-in-law bought some little cactus. 6 pots for RM10. Still selling at the same price we bought them few years ago.


We did not make time to visit the Boh Tea plantation. But we did make various stops to small retailers as we went downhill towards the hotel. We managed to buy some ubi keledek, Mutiara sweetcorn, cheaper strawberries, honey and tea in boxes.

I hope that the next time we set foot here, it will be cleaner and easier on the eyes. Insya-Allah.

Revisiting Langkawi 2015 : The Food



The above picture is an illustration of how much we enjoy our food.

Do look for;

  • Laksa – rice based noodles served in fish based sauce. Honorable mentions include Laksa Kaw Ikan Sekoq (Airport) & Laksa Power Rosabina (in front of Padang Matsirat School) near the night market.
  • Pasembor –  a Malaysian salad consisting of cucumber (shredded), potatoes, beancurd, turnip, bean sprouts, prawn fritters, spicy fried crab, fried octopus or other seafood and served with a sweet and spicy nut sauce. The dish is priced according to the bits of food you combine to make your salad.
  • Rojak Buah –  another form of Malaysian salad only now consists of fruits mainly pineapple and fritters. This is then drizzled with a sweet sour prawn based sauce topped with crunched peanuts.
  • Cendol –  a traditional sweet dessert
  • Pek Nga – coconut pancake fried in butter. We loved the ones by Warung Mat Su – also near the Padang Matsirat school. Its a stall mind you.



… and you can never go wrong with seafood especially when you’ve tasted Ikan Tiga Rasa (fish with 3 flavours) and Sup Tulang (literally bone soup with little chunks of meat usually beef). Even Thai food is easily available here in Langkawi as you taste the authentic Tomyam or Mango Rice.

All in all, it was a ‘light and easy’ trip and we enjoyed it to the max.