Me and secondary infertility

Eversince Datuk Siti announced her successful pregnancy after a few attempts of IVF – people are starting to share stories of their own infertility journey. Which is good. The public is more aware of their options in trying for a child. It would be nice of course to also bring Prof Dr Imelda’s concern regarding these health facilities to at the same time, provide neonatal intensive care services for expecting parents of multiple pregnancies instead of letting government facilities figure it out once the babies arrive.

We too experienced secondary infertility. Did IVF came into mind? Yes, in fact Mr Husband suggested we give it a go at a local private Obs and Gynae clinic. I was the hesitant one. Because although cost is not an issue – its the commitment and emotional roller coaster involved that I’m worried about. Not to mention the invasive examination and procedures I will need to go through later on.

Yup, still hesitant even after 5 years of ‘trying’. Meaning frequent ‘wrestling’ sessions even though we love to sleep more after a tiring day at work with our invented method of teknik takungan. *rolleyes* Diligent calorie counting and attempts at exercise to get that optimum BMI to increase chances of conceiving. Lots of sedekah. Mountains of prayers and dua’s on the prayer mat at early hours of the morning and also through friends going for Hajj. I even made a promise to Mr Husband that if we have a successful pregnancy, I will file for a transfer to a different and better work environment. With the hope that this effort will have redha laki. Ha ha ha.

We were close to finally getting an intervention at the facility early this year when boom – I was tested positive in my urine test. Only Allah knows how relieved I was of not having to go through the journey of speculum examination, for instance.

So this is essentially a precious, wanted pregnancy. My experience of carrying this little munchkin is also way different from how it was with my firstborn. He/she is currently at 35 weeks and I really hope that we’d make it through till the end. While we can try our best to make this a safe pregnancy – only Allah knows what is happening inside the womb in detail.

May the baby be safe from the viruses I’ve come across during my working hours. May the baby be hindered from all the negative emotions and thoughts I encountered in my daily life. May the baby grow to be well and healthy. I can tell that my firstborn is very excited waiting for his/her arrival that he’s already picked a name for both gender. Ha ha.

In fact, may I also be safe throughout the delivery so I could see this gift that we’ve been waiting for such a long time. InsyaAllah. Amin.



the short trip to Johor Bahru


If it was entirely up to me – I’d probably sleep my way from Saturday (postcall) to Monday. But Mr Husband has other plans and when he throws Ee into the picture like “kesian Ee cuti sekolah tak pergi mana2” _ I caved in. OK lah oklah… where are we going?

Merenung Jauh



and I imagined having bowls and bowls of laksa johor. which I ended up did not having. *pilu*

For our short stay – we booked a room at Tropical Inn. Which is just opposite Double Tree HIlton guys. A contrasting picture indeed. Wished I took a photo. One old school, haunted look hotel and the other, very modern and posh.

Despite its ancient decor – our room was clean with complimentary breakfast. There was no bath tub to Ee’s dismay but there’s a mini fridge which was good enough. The location of the hotel is very near to the shopping mall and Pasar Karat. You can literally walk there in 10 mins unless you’re heavily pregnant like Yours Truly.

Air conditioning was inconsistent. Perhaps they switched it off temporarily at night during certain hours as sometimes you do wake up feeling either too cold or too warm.  To save electricity, maybe? Otherwise, the service and amenities were fulfilling the star ratings. If only the breakfast options were a bit more meriah.  ha ha

The highlight of the trip was a visit to Zoo Johor. Its a small zoo in the city and the entrance fee was super cheap. RM1 for kids and RM2 for adults. Most of the time I’d be sitting down on the benches while Ee and Mr Husband climb the many flights of stairs to see the lions or something. I just couldn’t manage it anymore. Generally, it was still a nice zoo where the whole family could enjoy a day out together with minimal budget.



As of food, Wak Radols satay is a must. Mr Husband seems to like it very much.

somehow we drove to a different branch of wak radol..


This time, we took the opportunity to try Sup Tulang Zz’s famous mee rebus. Each bowl was quite pricey. Taste-wise .. nasib baik sedap. tkdelah very marvelous but the dish kept the business going.



And like any tourist, a picture around bandar JB is a must. We wanted to go to the night petting zoo but posing near the crown at the fountain was good enough. I thought the city was very pretty at night with all the LED lights. Very clean as well. If only we could stay longer but our jobs await. hmph.




Hobonichi : My thoughts on the first year (2017)

2017 I used an A6 with a blue cover.

I like that it was compact and easy to carry. I used it to plan and journal at the same time. I lost my mojo for quite a while when I suffered from morning sickness and up till now I still find it hard to get into the momentum. Im still planning with my Hobo but doing less of journalling.

Then as I did my flip through – I discovered that my A6 is a jumble of Planning and Journaling on the same one day page. It was a bit ugly, as some of these thoughts are quite private and yet I needed to show other people what I have planned for the week or so.

That’s when I thought that for 2018 – I’m going for the A5 Cousin Avec.


Hopefully it’ll give me space to plan and at the same time privacy to voodoo people at the journaling page. Splitting the year into half would also help to motivate me to pick up the spirit if say I slacked off during the first part of the year.

The covers for the A5 are pretty limited though but I suppose I could always find a substitute on China has everything. hehe


I have yet to figure out how I’m going to utilize this planner fully but I believe it’ll be in order once the new year comes.




FujiFilm Instax Share Sp2 photo printer – I choose you!

I am not a professional photographer nor a full time blogger. I don’t even know how to reformat my laptop and when it comes to knowing the tech words people who are into cool gadgets know – I’m afraid you need to explain to me again about RAM, WIRELESS, BLUETOOTH and stuff.

But I am passionate about memory keeping, journalling, kawaii stuff and so on.


It took me a lot of Youtube videos, blog posts and techie articles to go through before finally deciding on getting my hands on the FUJILFILM INSTAX SHARE SP2. Prior to reading the reviews on the SP2 – I had an idea of what I wanted.

  1. Easily available and maintained. Meaning no weird batteries or films or repair centres.
  2. Small and handy. Easy to use.
  3. Print nice photos.

and later of course.. you learn new things along the way. I think a particular video got me sold on the SP2 – about a girl walking in a park, saw a nice flower, took a photo with her SMARTPHONE, got the SP2 out of her handbag, printed out the picture and put it in her scrapbook.




I bought the Instax on SHOPEE for RM699.00 and the retailer threw in 20 pieces of instax film for free. Here is my take so far;


  1. Instructions were quite self explanatory in the pamphlet and also the INSTAX app on GOogle PLay Store for a noob like myself. Especially when it comes to setting up the printer and its connections. It seems that I have to turn on my GPS as well to make it work. I’m using a Samsung J7 Prime by the way.
  2. Printing does take only 10 secs. And there’s an indicator on the app to tell us how much films are left in the printer. You shouldn’t open the hatch prematurely as it could ruin the leftover films.
  3. The polaroid films are easily available online. You just need to be wary of those trying to sell nearly expired ones. Check the dates.
  4. You can print photos not only on your device but also the ones on your social media accounts.
  5. The app has made photo printing more exciting as you can add your own text and filters to the photos.
  6. You can share the printer with your friends. As long as they download the app and bring their own films of course.  So it’ll be a great attraction to any planner meetups or social party.



  1. Its really expensive. To me. Both the printer and the film. You could get alternatives like Pringo I think, but there weren’t much reviews on that in the local scene #malaysia. I did consider getting the Instax Mini (camera) but since I’m very shy to take out that bulky camera and take a photo – I ditched the idea.
  2. The printer tends to time out really fast, so you might need to switch it on and reconnect it before printing another photo. Unless you’ve organized your photo already.
  3. The pictures are of the size of a mini credit card. So details in the picture can vary.

These are a few points I could think  of right now. I don’t think I would paste these pics in my HoboMinci. But I’ll definitely display them on the kitchen table or something using one of those stand alone albums. They’re very cute.

The Pilgrimage

My parents.

Dijemput menjadi tetamu Allah this year. As children, we pray for their health and well being whilst in tanah suci. 

Mummy and Daddy received a call from Tabung Haji 2 weeks before today. Saying that they have been selected to be on the standby list. Needless to say, it was almost confirmed so a lot of preparations were done up to this day.

The jemaah were requested to report themselves at the Tabung Haji complex in Kelana Jaya  by 1000am. Hence, we departed from our home at 0730am. By the time we reach there, the place was nearly congested. It was a good thing that we arrived early as there were ample time to get themselves registered, checked in and a brief breakfast.


Mr Husband was a bit puzzled because none of us cried (except the parents, of course). I don’t really know how to respond. We just don’t cry in public? Unless in severe pain or sadness? I guess? Can I cry later? In my sleep?

InsyaAllah they will be back by 6th of October. InsyaAllah..