General Election #14


I am a young mother with 2 kids. 20180509_151315.jpgI am a working mother at that  – a medical doctor. I have parents who are already in the Warga Emas category. I also have younger siblings in the belia category.

This year I voted. For the second time. In favour of the better, likeable manifesto which I feel could benefit the rakyat as a whole.



Pakatan Harapan (PH) with Tun-Minator

Tun Dr Mahathir is 93 years old. It is a rare sight to see nonagenarian patients like himself and his wife walk into my clinic and still remain sharp. Still walking without a stick or Zimmer frame. Some, as young as 60 is already in a wheelchair with their children demanding for a fast lane walhal semalamnya baru dapat jalan2 kat pasar malam.

Tun has been dubbed a lot of mean names. To me however, he is the reason why I am proud to walk on the streets of Manchester as a student because muslims there love Mahathir. MAHATHIR VERY GOOD, they would say. 5 seconds later, you are their favourite Sister. LOL.

I think people got tired of the lies and the high living cost after the GST was implemented. PH offered a way out. I also hope that they would keep their word to strictly ensure the minimum wage of RM1500 AND for that wage to be equal in both Semenanjung and Sabah/Sarawak.


The RAHMAN prophecy has been fulfilled. Its time for the MAHATHIR prophecy. LOL. 10.05.2018  – history has been made. I think I am more interested to know who the Cabinet Ministers are now that we’ve changed government. Can’t wait for the official announcement.


Interestingly, Sarawak (which is where I come from) is now under the governance of the Opposition Party. Ha ha ha. Well, if Barisan Nasional thinks they can do a good job – they’d better prove it on my yearly visits back to Kuching. I want better roads for the people, better access to healthcare, job opportunities and education and what not. In a way, it could be a blessing for Sarawak, IF lah, BN want to prove themselves.

PH for a better Malaysia. InsyaAllah.


Big Bad Wolf 2018 : Melaka Edition

Big Bad Wolf (BBW) is back in town.


BBW is a festival that sells books at a fraction of its original prize. It’s a good time to buy children books especially those with pop-ups and pictures inside. I tend to go there to get books of different genre. Business books mostly. Despite not having my own business. And self-help books. I just find that I could relate some of these ideas in my everyday service as a medical doctor – leadership, team work, how to say NO stuff.


I love to bring my son Ee there too even though all the books that he buys are comics. Well, at least at his age he loves books and reading. Later and slowly I will introduce him to books with better vocabulary and material.

Takdelah asyik menonong gi Mood Republik je kan.. which happened to be next door.

My best catch for this trip to BBW was a box set by Paulo Coelho. 10 books for RM100. That is CHEAP!!! And his books are good. The other box sets available there (that I noticed) are The Maze Runner series and The Wimpy Kid series.


Then my next catch was this.


This is like one of the very few history books that I have. I’d probably make another trip there again and browse through every single title at the Mystery and Thriller aisle.


.. of ikon belia

If someone is nominated as Ikon Belia – you would expect that person to be kind of famous and is contributing something extraordinary to the Belia nation.

Recently I had to not only Google Ikon Belia – I also had to Google “Who is Dato N ? and her contibutions”

I am already struggling to find a proper website or page that lists down the names of Ikon Belia each year. Now I’m not quite sure if this is a formal recognition or just a title you give somebody when you introduce them on TV. I even went to the extent of putting ‘define: belia’ in the search box. Even then regardless of popularity, since mainstream media nowadays somehow love celebrities more than real news, an icon should be someone who when we read about them, makes you say ‘wow’ and want to find out more of what they do.

And they may not need be someone who is a doc like Dr Amalina the genius child who studied medicine in Edinburgh , or prominent names in sports like Dato Nicol David or Pandalela Rinong or Farah Ann although that is like glaring icon material to the face – It can be those 3 young gentleman who tours around the country cleaning madrasahs and suraus. They could be someone like Syed Azmi who advocates kindness and charity. Sometimes a simple person like the lead singer of Caliph Buskers can be an icon as well. And let’s not forget the husband and wife team of Bella Ammara or Fashion Valet. Did you think it was easy to build an empire and franchise yourself? Thou shalt not also discard Khairy Jamaludin who is not a Dato by the way but at his ‘belia’ age is already a minister front page model and a good one (so far) at it too.

These are people who manage to achieve extraordinary success despite their ordeals and limitations. Most importantly their success gives a positive ripple effect to other people. If you succeed on your terms but only benefit yourself – that is not an icon. You should be able to inspire at least a small community let alone the whole country. You should be able to give back to the rakyat in your own way. Be it through glory, dignity or visible aid.

So here I am trying to understand this twisted world.

While she said the recognition was a gift – shouldn’t you give it back if you think you don’t deserve it. Or if giving back is not an option, shouldn’t you validate that gift and vow to do more so it is deemed worthwhile and meaningful?

Instead, you chose the road not taken which is heading towards a ditch.

I strongly acknowledge and believe that as human beings we are susceptible to mistakes and wrongdoings. But to strip it bare and parade it to the public? Surely ikon belia resonates positivity and greater good. Why would you want to play the ‘its personal’ card when already your life and your family’s is already an open book? lets hope the next chapter becomes more promising instead of cheap entertainment. I’d rather buy Eh! magazine if that’s the case. A second chance maybe for Dato N?

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

credits to fotolia

My pledge for October

  1. To read up on the national CPG regarding Management of Breast Cancer. It may not be the bread and butter in my particular line of work but it is good to be aware.
  2. To educate as many women be them staff or patients I could within the settings of my unit and scope of work regarding Breast Self Examination (BSE)
  3. To introduce services offered within the state to women when it comes to screening for breast cancer – in fact I have a list of centres within Malacca that offers such services at an affordable price.
  4. Getting involved actively or behind the scenes of fundraising activities tied to breast cancer
  5. Wear or display one pink item a day at work  – just so people are aware of this month.

What is your pledge?

Of K-pop and Assertive NO

Would netizens and relevant authorities react differently if the K-Pop guys hugged a young ah moi. Instead of an anak dara donning a hijab. The Running Man cast were in Malaysia last year, I wonder how many hijabster’s were allegedly ‘molested’ by them as they queue in a meet and greet autograph session. Either way, I just don’t think any young girl of whatever creed should be put in an organized compromising situation. One that could lead to being judged by others. Any parent surely, wouldn’t want just ‘any guy’ to touch and hug their daughters, no? If as a parent we are vigilant towards the guy our girls go out with, why doesn’t the same rule apply to these K-Pop guys.

Some argued that these guys ‘asked for permission’ before proceeding with the gimmick. IMHO, they shouldn’t ask in the first place – a strange boy should not freely touch any girl who are not theirs to keep. But hey, this is an entertainment industry – I don’t work in one – I don’t know how the dynamics work. So lets leave it at that.

I feel sorry for the girls who got caught up in the hysterical moment. I mean, if Angelina Jolie or Beto Kusyairy himself were to walk into my casualty department for a fracture, I wouldn’t hesitate to be the first to attend to their ailments. It’s called being human, being in awe – only Insya-Allah, I would know to restrain myself and not take a selfie with Angie if she was still recovering from her anaethesia for instance. Or touching Beto unnecessarily on the cheeks when he has a broken leg.

A Dr Harlina brought up an interesting point regarding this problem. About how we should start educating girls/ women in the art of expressing an Assertive NO. Of knowing how to refuse or deny one of something in a manner deemed proper, with diplomacy, not aggressive but getting the point across. If the girls managed to exercise an Assertive NO on stage- this probably wouldn’t happen. The gimmick of hugging would probably be replaced with a serenade or a dance.

I wished I read her piece on this many years ago. Even now I still struggle with the ability to say an Assertive NO. Especially when a non Muslim man wants to shake your hand for a wonderful job well done et cetera..

Recently, my Facebook feed was flooded with varied responses to the K-pop incident. I couldn’t agree more as I witnessed how it has been blown out of proportion. I don’t see how arresting the girls for indecency could help. Nor does holding the organizing committee wholly accountable a good move. Why not resort to counselling or community service. Or establishing guidelines to international performing artistes regarding local customs. And please, we are not talking solely about pantang larang dalam Islam, but budaya sopan santun, budi bahasa as an asian community (dayak, cina, india etc). The vision of wanting our girls to have fun yet abide to certain rules so they remain protected.

Already, they feel embarassed with their photos gone viral and circulated around the web. Not to mention the ‘punishment’ they’re getting at home from the parents. And now this? What about the mass molestation we see in our Malay dramas reality TV shows? Do they get to walk away unharmed because they are not wearing a hijab? Or that they have to hug each other because it’s part of the job? Which is ironically written by a muslim as well. Tak payah tgk jauh – Arianna Rose was written by a lady in a hijab , directed by a woman in hijab and yet we see Keith Foo and Nur Fathia acting very chummy towards each other. Oh lupa.. tuntutan skrip. Seems like a lot have to be done to get the Assertive NO message across. Cause apart from our youngsters, adults and warga emas are struggling too.