What are your stress factors at the moment

Listing down mine in no particular order;

  • I have one final assignment to submit
  • I have semester exams next week
  • My husband snores (terribly) at night – it bugs me sometimes because it takes a while for me to fall asleep and it is challenge for me to get past that snore.
  • I am on lunch call this week
  • I will be at the rural clinic next week (again!)
  • I am still overweight – I eat when I’m stressed.
  • I have mask acne and its not something that I need right now – so I did a beauty haul on Hermo. Waiting for the shipment of products to arrive.
  • I am on my period (urgh)

With reference to the one in bold, I think that is why I don’t feel anything when my husband will be posted to a different state for his specialist placement. At least, I get like 4 peaceful night of sleep and bear with the other 3 nights. I can’t really use ear plugs cause then I won’t be able to listen to the alarm when it goes off or if intruders (god forbid) tries to sneak in. We had a fox coming into the house when we first moved in. It got in from god knows which hole in the house. So far we haven’t seen it again but we do smell it from time to time. It smells of pandan leaf.

I am also redecorating our master bedroom. I shifted the furnitures, did some decluttering. Aiming to do more after the exams. At the moment, I am ordering via Shopee new bedsheets and blinds. I am hoping to find some time to buy a bit of paint for the rooms. It will be my sanctuary to relax and forget about my husbands snoring. I could actually create a playlist for it.

I am thinking a pastel blue for Ee, tropical theme for Haneem and a purplish-grey-pink thing for my own bedroom. The ‘gym’ will be a mix of maybe orange and red (oh god.. need to rethink about that. As for my study, it’ll be probably purple-minty-cream sorta vibe. I don’t know. I have yet to decide.

I honestly just want to sleep and not give a care about other people. I need a massage where the masseuse doesn’t talk to me or comment on my C-section scar. I want a facial where I don’t end up like a lobster at the end of it. I want to get on with decorating my home and all.

I think I need to take leave.

Mochi disappointed

I ordered Mochi from an ex colleague last week. In support of her business, I bought 2 sets of Mochi each at a price of more than RM20 with 10 pieces in each set. Honestly, it was quite costly but I ordered it anyway sebab yelah, she was someone I knew. Like any other sellers, I was charged for the delivery to my place of work. Nevermind, no hal. I even told her that if she cannot make it on that same day, she can pass it to me the next week.

Indeed, she wasn’t able to deliver on that Friday. Or did she?

I received a phone call on a Tuesday morning by another colleague at work. Turns out the mochi-girl passed the items through her. Problem is, this colleague somehow FORGOT about it and sold me the story of – “the mochi was not on the table and had thought that I had took it and put it in the fridge. today, she went to the fridge and saw that it was still there , only that one of the sets (the chocolate) one was missing and she could not find it”. She even described her puzzled thoughts as to why I did not ask her about the mochi.


Anyway, there were a few things that I can deduce from this incidence;

  • these 2 colleagues have minimal to almost zero respect for me as a customer and a fellow colleague. how could you forget to hand me the mochi? and then mochi-girl, you charged me for COD some more. At least have the courtesy to hand it to my hand la. I duduk jaga betul2 kat pintu masuk klinik kot. It’s like come on lah, she saw me sitting there at the same spot earlier that morning when she came to COD the same mochi to another friend of mine. We even exchanged Hello’s and the how are you S**t.
  • dishonest ladies
  • never put full trust in familiar people
  • sometimes I need to be in the role of the pushy fussy customer

Of course. I am calm now.

A bit.

Am trying to find that cloud with the silver lining. Maybe it’s rotten or something. Perhaps there are better tasting mochis from other sellers elsewhere. Mochi disappointed.

Celebrating Haneem’s birthday

This year I had a really strong urge to provide goodie bags for Haneem’s friends at daycare. Coincidentally another child is also having his birthday on the same day. So I chipped in for breakfast. I have never done this for Haneem before. Probably because I wasn’t up to it cause it does take some time. However with Covid19 being rampant, I figured its time to be more sociable with the teachers and all. Building relationships they say.

She is so big now, she can follow instructions

I assembled a simple goodie bag using stuff I bought from my local RM2.10 store. I did not want to overshadow the other parent. My initial plan was to put the items inside a clear ziplock bag which parents could re-use but I worry that it would be a controversial move. We don’t want to upset anybody. ha ha ha. In the end I settled for a polka dot bag. I prepared bags for 60 pax. As for the teachers, I used the pretty bags I have at home and gave them some mini perfume I had and a hand lotion.

Inside the bags for the kids were a small carton of chocolate milk, a pudding and a bubble toy. I bought a birthday cake from Italy Cake House and a banana cake I ordered from an online bakery on Instagram. I also typed out an appreciation letter to the teachers of the school. I feel that they need to know how valuable they are and that they are doing a good job. Indeed they are the best external moms a kid can have.

I spent about RM300 for everything including my share for the kids breakfast. Looking from the pictures, seems like Haneem really enjoyed herself. As for birthday presents, she received a cute owl pillow from her aunt, Aunty Ell. Then an Olaf toy from her dad. I decided to give her a cereal bowl with a duck face on it. Ee, her older brother has one too.

Happy bday love

This year the mandatory birthday buddies picture with Haneem’s uncle will have to be postponed to a different date. I hope she will be more cooperative with the picture this year.

Guess it’s time to think of Ee’s 9th birthday celebration next month.