Staycation at Everly Hotel, Putrajaya

It’s been a while. Previously, before the pandemic, I try to visit my parents once a month. Once Covid19 came, the routine was disrupted. I couldn’t even spend Eid with the family. The next thing I knew, Mom caught the virus and subsequently died from it’s after effects. Who knew, kan?

When the Prime Minister announced that we could cross state borders – I immediately made a booking at Everly Hotel in Putrajaya. Since the kids have grown, I chose the Executive Suite. The room has a bath tub and a small living area where the kids could play and give us adults, some space as we attend to work and study related matters. Yes, it sucks being a doctor. It’s very difficult to shut off. I have it easier compared to my husband. His work is endless. Baru JKN, belum KKM. Eh.

I paid for the room through Agoda.Com as always. The room included breakfast for 2 pax. I paid extra for my son’s breakfast which is RM15/child. Total cost for the stay was RM827.82 including tax and fee of RM62.14. In return, I receive Agoda cash of Rm20.59. The Agoda cash is useful at times.

Some people find it weird that I would stay at a hotel instead of my dad’s house. Thing is, the house is quite small and I don’t really want to burden my dad in having to prepare the room for us. I guess this is the way it will be for future visits.

The birthday spree will start in November, all through December and into the new year. Memang diet ke laut lagi.. huhu..

On a different note, BTS In The Soop Season 2 has officially started. I purchased the series on Weverse, so I could watch it on my phone whenever I like. Episode 1 was splendid and I am looking forward to more clips of Chef Suga cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Apart from that, it’s also a good series to pick up mind-opening ideas and life quotes like this gem down here. Can’t wait for next episodes.

BTS's Jin points out the significance of rest | allkpop
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Summing up September

September was turbulent. This is what happened.

Largest mobile outreach vaccination programme

We were vaccinating between 500 to 650 people per day at locations like Sekolah Henry Gurney, Penjara Sungai Udang and MPHTJ. The challenging part was making sure that the total number of people vaccinated tallied with the number of vaccines given. If the total number of people registered on the Mysejahtera system is off – I need to figure out whether we missed out on verifying certain people once they completed their vaccination, the earlier registration did not go through, vaccine vials went missing etc.

My colleague speaking to the Chief Minister

Once I had to stay up late to tally up the numbers because the Mysejahtera system was offline for a few hours during the vaccination programme. We couldn’t wait as the prison had protocols to abide to. So we did manual registration and I had to complete the back logged data afterwards. It was a pain going through the 400 plus consent papers and see whose names are not registered and verified in the system. This is important because Malaysia provides digital certificates in the Mysejahtera app. It would be an injustice to the prisoners, should they be released one day, to discover that their names are not in the system. Although everyone has a physical card to keep, it’s always nice to have a digital one with you at all times since everyone has a smart phone nowadays.

Semester Six

I am now in Semester 6. How time flies. I wished I started sooner. Haha. I guess starting anything before 40 is a great idea. Even if they are thoughts for a career change. I am taking 3 subjects instead of 4. Gotta be realistic sistaaa..

Mini celebration for Doctors Day

I was really excited for this one. We celebrated early. It started with just plans for lunch and then the idea expanded into including games, gift exchange and awards. Surprisingly, I bagged 2 awards – one is the doctor with the Neatest Handwriting and the other one is the Most Soft Spoken. LOLS. I need to digest the latter thought and start viewing myself from other peoples perspective. I am pretty sure my personality is very different in the car whilst driving. I did not get to attend the party as I was out doing my mobile vaccination programme but I managed to keep up with the updates through Whatsapp. It was fun for me from a far. Being present takes too much energy.

My personal contribution to the party were sandwiches and the coffee machine. I had no idea people would love the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista machine. I had thought that they would prefer the capsule ones. Anyway, some friends who wanted to get it for themselves discovered that the product has been discontinued. Wow. I am that lucky few left with the machine. After all, it has been in our possession for a few years already. Husband purchased it from Shopee before the capsules were popular.

Moon chamber – Preloved BookStore on Shopee

Instead of giving away the books – which people would appreciate less, I decided to sell them online through the Shopee platform. I feel it is the easiest selling platform for beginners. of course, Shopee will take a percentage of your total sales for their service fees but it is still one of the easiest way to sell your stuff.

I set up my shop. I listed my items. I described my products and put in the weight of the items (roughly) so that Shopee could calculate the shipping price. I also get to choose the couriers available near my home. My choice is Citylink, J&T and Ninja van. If someone buys my books, I just have to print my airway bill (AWB), pack the things in my cute plastic bag and drop it off at their respective points. My favourite is the Mail Box place at Kip Mall. No need for extra weighing and all. Just drop it off. I had no idea it was that simple. So far, last month alone I made RM19. That is good enough than having to see the books rot on the shelves. At least I get to buy new books after that!

October is currently off to a good start. I wonder what interesting things it will bring.

Filling my cup with self love

I have a full September in my work schedule. To make it worse, I did not slot in any planned annual leave day this month. I should rest a bit in October. I could feel that I don’t have much to pour from my cup. I should do something about it now. I need to fill my cup with self love.

if you feel drained, why not do less rather than trying to do more?

care less, worry less, make it less tough, and take a rest

-Suga, 24.02.2020 on Weverse


What is the point of having a husband if you are not going to depend on him, right? *grin* Although I know where to bring my car for its service and maintenance, I decided not to do it this time. I delegated the task to the husband and be direct about it. No room for discussion. The request went something like,

“are you free this saturday?


“bring my car for service and tyre checking”


That means I have successfully sealed the deal. And he paid for the it. *double grin*


Ever since I am recruited into the vaccine mobile team, my daily OOTD has been scrubs. I had a one week break this week. I wanted to dress up. I went clothes shopping online at Shopee. It has been almost 2 years since I bought a new work outfit and hijab. I used to enjoy going to Scarlet at AEON shopping mall but that is an activity not quite happening in the near future. The haul included 2 pairs of baju kurung kedah, 3 long skirts, 16 scarves, 4 inner scarves and cosmetic products from South Korea. I nearly bought some electronic gadgets. I had my eye on the BT21 wireless keyboard and mouse. Thankfully, I still had some self control. I did an Instagram reel of my Shooky blusher and lipstick.

I applied make up for work. Which is a rare occurrence as I am usually bare faced. I don’t even use moisturiser but this week, I did the full cleanser, toner, essence and moisturiser thing. Then, the foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, blusher and lipstick. At night, I indulge in another round of toner and moisturising routine before bed while having a leg massage using the Gintell mini machine. I would have dyed my hair too but it takes up a lot of precious energy and enthusiasm.

I tried hard to dress up as a medical officer working in primary care. LOL.


I did some journaling over the weekend. I used my new stickers and washi tape. I wrote and wrote in my 5 year hobonichi techo. It was therapeutic. I also changed the theme of my study blog, NotaMinci. It needed a face lift. After all, Semester 6 is starting and I needed to get a clear head to kick it off. I haven’t got everything worked out yet but the mess is untangling bit by bit.


The latest one with SUBs is episode 151. Malaysia was mentioned briefly in the previous episode as they played the Capital game. It came as no surprise when BTS could not guess the capital of Malaysia. They got confused with Indonesia, our cousin. Haha. But they did remember having been to Kota Kinabalu some time ago. It was a very santai episode with the guys doing whatever it is they’d like to do on a staycation. Eat, sleep and relax sort of thing. Reminds me that I haven’t been on a staycation for quite some time. I dread packing up for it though and the load of laundry that comes after. The work of a mother doesn’t stop at staycations.


Perhaps it’s the progesterone as I am approaching ovulation day. Soon. There is an intense craving towards sweet things like chocolate and soda. It’s like ‘whatever, I nak makan’. So I bought the Cadbury fun packs where there is an assorted mix of mini chocolate bars. The calories felt less with each bite.

As for yourself, what do you do to show that you love yourself?

The hobby – Making Youtube videos even if it’ll take me months to make one

Get a hobby. Have an adventure

Saw that quote on Google. I seem to have this fascination in capturing and editing video clips for the past few years. I am aware that it is not really Hollywood material but it is calming (to me) as I immerse myself in the long hours of trimming clips and adding audios to the media. Right now I am trying my hands on Video.Guru, a free app available on Play Store.

Video.Guru was easy to use for a newbie like myself. There is also plenty of Free To Use audios in the app. I did not have to worry about copyright. It took me a while to collect my clips but I felt it was worth it in the end. There is of course always room for improvement. I watched more videos on Youtube than making them. Bingeing mostly on BTS videos, haagrendal, hamimommy and jihyunkkung. Here is my Youtube channel by the way.

I love making the type of vlog where I don’t really show my face. Somehow it is called silent vlogs? It’s not really that silent. I seem to enjoy these kind of videos especially from Japan and South Korea. Most of them are videos of homebodies, moms who love to clean, cafe owners, florists etc. I don’t fancy the ones where they chat a lot on camera. So far, I have only followed one Malaysian vlogger who adopts this type of video called asykalx. A young man in college with a neat room. However, upon searching ‘silent vlogs malaysia’ – it seems that there’s quite a number of aesthetic, calm Malaysian vloggers enjoy making videos in this category. I wish success to all and will follow them one by one.

Why am I celebrating them?

It’s because once upon a time, I watched a video from this very popular influencer and he said that to create interests, vloggers shouldn’t produce something movie-like or something viewers can watch on TV. One should be boisterous on Youtube. I couldn’t help rolling my eyes when I heard that and was thinking, “eh, sukatilah org tu nak vlog gaya canne.. tak sumerang suka cakap banyak2”. Indeed, it was one of my monologues.

Unlike the more focused and professional vloggers, I take more time to produce one video due to work commitments. That is not a good recipe if you’re aiming to generate an income. But of course that is the least of my concern right now. I just want to experiment and see what I could do with my Samsung phone, sometimes the camera and the free app.

My initial target was to make 10 Youtube videos in 1 year.

Unfortunately due to Covid19, I couldn’t make at least 5.

Nevertheless video editing is a great hobby.

I loved it and hope to expand on my skills in producing Youtube videos.

The first few days of the menstrual cycle

Women experience the first few days of the menstrual cycle differently. Once I got over the PMS period, I would usually feel more relaxed and motivated to set my life straight, something like this huge burden flowing out of the uterus! I try not to give in to PMS but often, there is always something that gets on my nerves. Usually, work-related or husbands behaviour. For example, if I am not having PMS, I can tolerate those dirty dishes he left behind in the sink. During PMS, I cannot help it – I want a divorce!

However, a decade of being married to this 1.8m tall Malaccan man, taught me to rein my angry horses, keep calm and isolate myself. From the husband and the kids. So I wouldn’t regret saying things I don’t mean to all of them. I choose not to join them watching Netflix in the family room. I needed to harness my irritability wisely.

I cleared the fridge, threw away leftover food that has been in the containers for over 3 days, washed the dishes, wiped the tables, folded the many baskets of laundry and kept them away. As for my husband’s clothes, I put them on the spare bed in the guest room. He can look for his clothes, underwear and socks there since he can’t seem to keep his own wardrobe tidy. I don’t feel like doing it for him. Hate Mode is still at 50%. I took another shower around 930pm after all the sweat of doing the house chores. I switched on the air conditioner in the living room (I don’t give a shit if the bills go up – husband is paying for my misery), made myself a cup of tea and resumed my reading of Almond. It is a translated work of a Korean author that ARMY’s discovered from the programme BTS IN THE SOOP. Both Namjoon and Yoongi were reading it. I got influenced of course. I wonder if there is a new ‘book exposure’ in the second season.

Managed to finish the book the very same night and posted the feat on Weverse. I had 2 cheers out of the many possible millions of ARMY. Haha. By 11pm, I was calmer although I have kind of ‘deactivated’ my FB account at the time. I guess the blood flow helped a bit. Gosh. I also listened to loops of Over The Horizon by Suga on Youtube before bed. The Ally Mcbeal in me was playing the guitar part like a star!

I reactivated my FB account the next day. That would be today. HAhaha. The husband has already departed for work 187km away. He will be back in a few days. I think my mental health would be better when he comes home. In the meantime, I am continuing to keep the house in order. Decluttering the sofa, checking on my fresh fruit and vegetable supply. Paying my bills and daycare fees on time. I even have time to upload preloved books on my Shopee bookshop. Feel free to visit Moon Chamber – my 2nd hand virtual bookstore. If my energy keeps buzzing, I might do a voiceover recording and upload it on Fiverr or one of those buy me coffee sites.

I am halfway through editing my silent vlog for Youtube – I just need a few more footage. It should be up in the next 2 weeks. Well, that sounds very energetic and focused. It may happen or may not as I might just channel that motivation into mopping the kitchen floor in a few days.