About Me

If you believe the world is small, you can make a difference.

MinciSensei.Com is merely a platform for me to jot down itsy bitsy stuff on the things I do, see or read. I have no intention to be a life guru, mind you. I just want to write. And leave my mark [read;good marks] on cyberspace. Just so my great grand children could see how their moyang looks like as a young lady. Ha ha ha. On the condition the Apocalypse does not occur earlier.
Learning should be a spiral curve in each of our lives. We must strive to learn something new everyday, at least about ourselves and the environment we live in. As a woman especially, there are so many things to learn about from the day you discover human beings called boys till you’re a wife, a mother. And later, a granny. Also as a doctor, I am after all a working mother who has a love – hate relationship with my job.
Excuse the grammar. I’m not born with blue eyes and blonde hair. Just an exotic Asian ( of Malay descent) who learnt English through her times in a girls boarding school. Enjoy reading. Be happy. And allow me to first extend my cyber friendship to you.
Oh, and did I tell you that I love things to do with cows?

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Minci dear, hope u still remember me Kak Coops (we used to email each other before when u were still studying medic). Been searching for u high and low dear..glad to know that u are doing well as a doctor and yay, oredi hv a kid 🙂


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