Problems are like washing machines. In the end we come out cleaner and brighter ..


A glitch happened in our duty roster recently. Our superior decided to you know, arrange the shift until early next month. Which included weekend calls and such. So names were placed inside these slots without consulting the intended person first. I like to believe that it was an innocent mistake as it has happened to another colleague before – I wasn’t expecting to be that person at the receiving end this time. If I’d knew the roster would include the first few days of the following month, I would have submitted my request for that month as well. KAN?!!!

Although the bigger boss did say that request are merely requests and not necessarily fulfilled – at least tanyalah kan… especially when plans have been made way earlier. So there I was in deep shit. Like OMG – how do I wiggle out of this…

My first thought was HOW DO I TELL MY HUSBAND?!!! Especially when he has given me notice and a copy of his ‘attachment letter’ like really early so I could ‘plan things out’. My second naive thought was “I AM SURE PEOPLE CAN SWAP WITH ME IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE”. Because that was how I reacted to a friend who suffered from the roster before – I told her I had nothing planned on that weekend and pooofff.. problem solved in less than 10 minutes the roster was up on the whiteboard.

Well.. well… well.. Minci. You forgot there’s only 1 Minci and even after 2 weeks of ‘lelong-ing’ the call – no one was available (yet!) to take it up. I had to ask myself WHY oh WHY?!!


  1. Its a weekend call and people always have social commitments on that day including myself (if only the boss asked first, right?) #iamstillangrywithmyboss
  2. Everyone is expecting another person to help out
  3. Everyone hates me and hence I should suffer
  4. God is punishing me for something – like eating those leftover cekodok in the pantry. They were seriously LEFTOVERS!!.

Still.. it was interesting to experience how people responded to my plea;

  1. Some apologized face to face and laid out their reasons ( I totally understand – thank you for telling me) while others privately messaged me which was equally nice
  2. Some kept mum – which either means they are still open to be last resort options but looking at who is willing to take up the offer first or they just don’t read their Watsapp messages. HAHAHA.
  3. Some gave crazy ideas which in turn made me more crazy when it comes to brainstorming on self-inflicted harm – like do back to back calls in return for a swap, or get a bus to my supposed vacation destination postcall ALONE and risk suffering the silent treatment from Mr Husband. Now I’m not sure if the intention was to help or if they enjoy seeing me get all cute and e.m.o.t.i.o.n.a.l
  4. wish the worst for the boss. neh – skipped the option.

But this glitch did taught me certain things;

  1. To always take two steps further than your superior. So if boss needs to know your leave request for next month- you give them a heads up 6 MONTHS IN ADVANCE! #iamstillangrywithmyboss
  2. More brains are better than one  – at least you know who is sillier. Its still me.. DARN.
  3. It never hurts to ask the same person twice. Might appear pushy but approach with a different solution rather than the same one. Then you could at least expect a different response.
  4. Some people really don’t read group Watsapp messages. HAHAHA.
  5. I’m not the workaholic that I once was anymore. Well.. to a lesser degree nowadays. I feel the need to show Allah that He can bless me with another child as I intend to care for my family the best that I could. Muekekeke..
  6. The process of solving problems can be quite funny if you’re in the company of similar-minded people. Sometimes I laugh at myself though.

So, lets give a toast to PROBLEMS. To everybody else.

PS : I managed to have someone replace me on that doomed day. That colleague is getting lots of fridge magnets when I come back from my trip.



3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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