The Pacifier


 “You know the only people who are always sure about the proper way to raise children? Those who’ve never had any.”
 Bill Cosby

The clashes of ideas between mothers of the old-er and new-er generation often clashes. and even if they dont, the reason behind every fact of raising a child tend to evolve with time. For example; The use of pacifiers. The horrified look on other mothers faces regardless if they’re already old and crinkly or young.. you really should see them. Well.. if you have all the time in the world to sit beside my Baby Zeeq lullabying, then by all means.. I dare you to take that pacifier out from his mouth.


As a new (young) mother, I once did not want my baby to use the pacifier for I fear that he’ll have n¡pple confusion. That would be the modern doctrine. The old excuse for not giving your child a pacifier was to prevent him from having a buck tooth. Like… how? Kindly explain. I even mentioned to Mr Husband that there is no way Im having the baby sucking on the pacifier.

Soon I find that I couldnt possibly feed Baby Zeeq everytime he squirms and cries, only for him to refuse the brëast or bottle feed. He just wants to latch. To just suck without getting the milk. Gosh, how do I even explain. It was my parents who eventually defied my stubborn principles in caring for the baby and later life got just a little bit easier.

I dont force the pacifier on him all the time. Just when he needs it, when he needs to sooth himself to sleep. And to satisfy the old old mothers I’ll take the pacifier out when Baby Zeeq’s in his deep sleep just so he wouldnt get buck tooth.


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