A farewell dinner at Bella Italia


“As long as there’s pasta and Chinese food in the world, I’m okay.”
– Michael Chang –




“We’re actually together, its just not on FaceBook yet!”

Though that was a joke from one of my colleagues, it definitely was a great start for our farewell dinner. There’s no turning back. The papers have gone through, our belongings packed and secured. Whats left are the nitty gritty things like ending contracts and getting rid of whatever necessary.

We had dinner at our local Bella Italia. Ran by a family of Bosnian citizens which came here during the war. Not a refugee anymore, they’ve opened up this beautiful, small, cosy haven fit for couples or family to enjoy a nice Italian meal. I had my Penne Ala Arabiatta. So did Mr Husband. The others had pizza, some sort of bread with cheese and lattes. Scrumptious meals and good company.

We reminisced the times when we first got to know each other and the department we worked in at the time. It was a blast. Time flew, really fast and circumstances changed. for instance myself. In over just a year, my statis changed from Single to Married and now Mother of One. WOW!!! And I had thought I would die as a spinster.

After the dinner we didnt say Goodbye. Just a Till We Meet Again.  


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