Dunia Tersembunyi, TV3


“Everything is on its way to somewhere”

 – George Malley, Phenomenon

Dunia Tersembunyi, currently aired on TV3 (Malaysia) is a documentary that showcases the mysteries and hidden lives of people around the world. It brings forward the way of lives of tribes or communities, old traditions and superstitions/practices which seemed oblivious to the changes happening in our modern world. An eye opener indeed as we explore the richness of the culture and to a certain extent, the peculiar essence of these people.



I have enjoyed the 30 minute series so far because:

  1. Interesting topic which is not recycled in any other TV3’s programme. The last thing I want to see is for a segment to appear both in Nona and also Wanita Hari Ini. For instance, Wanita Keldai.
  2. Presenter not syok sendiri. Prior to this, Majalah Tiga which is also a documentary based programme was on top of my list of things to watch every week. However, eversince it slowly evolved into becoming a blog, or v-log.. the interest waned. It puts me off to see the reporting individual putting on for example a gear and say, ‘saya akan terjun dari bangunan ini sekarang‘.. bla bla bla.. or ‘salah seorang daripada krew kami sakit perut semasa mendaki gunung’. To see the famous presenters get their hands dirty on something is no doubt, very catchy sometimes but to see them do that on every single episode is just too much. Or has their concept changed into something like Steve Irwins programme? Maybe, for the benefit of the doubt.

I hope the concept of this show will remain entertaining and exclusive for this season. I really do. I would like to see what the episodes ‘Dunia Wanita’ and ‘Pasar Cinta’ is all about.


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