Buffer Gift


   “Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third”
 Marge Piercy

Time to clean the dresser table.

I discarded back-dated and expired makeup. I dabbed on a few lipsticks while Im at it, those that I rarely use everyday at work but loved the colour still. I threw away empty sanitary pad packets, tissue boxes and the part I love most, rearranging my jewelleries/accessories in their respective cases or hangers.



And I came across these. My pearls. Which Mr Husband bought for me at the Philippine Market during our trip to Sabah last year. These are what I call as The Buffer Gift(s).

What are Buffer Gift(s)?


Also known as gifts given as a sign of an ‘Apology in Advance’.sorry Its like you know you are going to make someone upset, angry, disappointed for ‘you have no choice’ and so the gift functions to buffer those feelings when it happens. For example, giving your wife a huge bouquet of expensive roses with assorted colours because you have to cancel your anniversary dinner. So, flowers first.. bad news follow.

The gift will be something grand. Or in large quantities. Or something that the gifter has never given or would never ever give you in your entire life. Its the kind of gift that will make you say, ” Uh-oh.. whats up?”

My pearls were buffers because he not only bought me a set of pearls. He bought more. And later on during the trip I kinda figured out why and so became less bothered. Cause I’ve got my pearls.Photobucket

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