Where is my Snail Mail?

“God answers Knee-Mail”

A Foot-Note?

Here where I live, the speed of getting mail is frustratingly slow. In fact, consider yourself lucky if you ever get it at all. Annoying still, if that letter is a life-changing one. Thank god for Alexander Graham Bell for his creation – the telephone.

I received a phonecall from my new workplace the other day. My transfer letter went through and as in any government service positions, everything is expected to on a STAT basis despite the occasional lackadaisical attitude in some personnels. Considering Im on maternity leave at the moment, I have requested that my reporting date be deferred to another one.

Things will be rolling really fast in this coming 2 weeks. So today, I went to the hospital (my current workplace) to settle things. I;

  1. Handed in a copy of my deferring letter to the main office
  2. Donated my fiction books to the hospital library
  3. Emptied my locker in OT (operating theatre)

Now, to pack my things at home. I still have to act like I am due for the transfer eventhough I havent received the official letter yet. Darn!

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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