Bring it on crybaby

“Energy and Persistence conquer all things”

-Benjamin Franklin-


I believe it is a challenge for any new mother ( Im not sure if the rule applies to am-a-mother as well) to ensure that their newborn gets a comfortable sleep at night. Its a constant battle every night trying to figure out why the baby is crying.

Hungry? Cold? Poop? or the number one enemy – Colic. Even professional help offers no rescue to the mommy in distress. Have yet to try the iPhone app though.

On a lucky night, you may get a 2 hour rest just before the little one gets back up again for feeding. Other nights, you end up getting a throbbing headache the next morning. Worst nights will result in any vulnerable mothers mind bearing the feeling of  ‘I failed as a mother. My baby cried all night and I didnt know what else to do’.

Despite the atrocities of newborn behaviour, a  friend of a friend of a friend told Mr Husband that the baby will automatically behave on Day 61 of life. Im looking forward to see of this statement holds any truth at all.

Until that day comes… Baby Zeeq, here comes Mommy. Bring it on!


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