Minci’s 101 on Anger Management

“Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.”
– Dr. Laurence J. Peter –

Today, I conquered Anger. I was angry towards Mr Husband. Over a petty issue. Nevertheless, it still left me fired up over the situation. Instead of sleeping it off, I decided to utilise the power from Anger into doing my daily chores, amongst many other things.I am afterall, The Good Wife.


– hoovered our living space
– did the laundry and hang out musty pillows to ‘dry’ underneath the sun
– ironed baskets of shirt
– sanitised Baby Zeeqs feeding bottle
– cooked dinner
– scrubbed the bathroom

I would have done a MouseHunt if I had extra energy. Alas, by the end of the day my batteries needed a recharge. This is partly how I managed Anger. By accomplishing tasks/doing things.

Anger is negative energy. An inappropriate response to it, not only brings harm to the individual per se but also to his/her surrounding people and environment. Vandalisme, bullying, depression even are all consequences of Anger in which is not handled properly. Hence, the need for Anger Management. We all have our own strategies in combating this sin. This is mine.

  Minci’s 101 lesson on Anger Management

1. Trust in God

Trust that He is not making you feel Anger in spite. Trust that He will help it go away. Above all, think of the situation as a test of patience. And will be rewarded.

  1. 2. Redirect Negative Energy into a Positive vibe

You may choose to sleep it off but I can guarantee you that it’ll not work. You’ll only end up replaying the incident in your head over and over again, ending the scene with you probably killing the person in 1000 ways.

Opt instead to utilise the adrenaline into doing something useful. Design something, invent, share. Or create a peaceful environment in which you can further use to dissipate Anger away. Or simply exercise. 100 pushups, now!!

3. Choose Patience or Forgiveness

Look at pictures, memorabilia, anything that could remind you of why Anger is just not worth it.

4. Take a Bath

Dunk yourself in a bathtub pr give yourself a good scrub till you get as red as a lobster. Use lots of foam or aromatherapy. soft music.. anything that could ease those tension muscles.


Interesting what you can achieve with Anger in one day (in a positive light). How do you manage yours?

One thought on “Minci’s 101 on Anger Management

  1. kalau aku stress aku akan mengemas…Monica clean level of cleanliness..
    but when I am angry i will find the bang your head here sign…haha..no la..
    thanks for the tips..


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