Uncle Pek


There was time for a story in between patients. A man brought his 7 year old daughter for treatment in Casualty. It was quite obvious that this child was not his biological offspring. But they shared the same speaking language. I did not probe much – the conversation just flowed from him.

Perhaps he needed to just talk about his daughter. His hopes, his reasonable fear. That this temporary daughter will leave him one day. His dedication and undivided love. It was a session to just let his guard down and share his feelings. I think he felt good and reassured after that. That he is doing a wonderful job.

He may not be a muslim but I pray that Allah will help him and protect him and his family. And that this father will be granted the best of health so he could be there for this child. Always.



Belasungkawa = Condolences

A couple is feeling very sad today. They have been married happily for more than 20 years. They raised 4 wonderful, successful children who grew up to become very useful citizens to the country.

Today one of their daughters passed away having suffered serious injuries from an accident. She went through multiple surgical procedures to save her life but in the end, after nearly one month in hospital –  she succumbed to her condition. She left behind a dear husband and her loving parents.

And just a year ago these loving parents also lost their son to an accident. Him, leaving behind a wife, his children and yes, his loving parents.

“It’s very sad. To see your children, both of your children go before you”, Mr Husband said, “I would be very sad.Very sad” He looked at Ee and pat his head.

This couple is family. It’s heartbreaking to see them g oing through this very difficult test. Especially at this age – like my parents age,  to lose both of their adult children within such a short interval. Anak tetap anak no matter how old they are.




Bonding over rebonding

It was my sister’s idea to get together one weekend to just ‘do our  hair’. Postpone it any longer people would think that we are related to Mak Limah from Kampung Pisang. Both of us planned to get Rebonding for our locks of miserable hair. Mother on the other hand, had a haircut + treatment. This particular saloon we went to was called Lisa Hair  Saloon. It has 2 branches. We went to the one at Putra Heights as opposed to the one in Bandar Saujana Putra.

It was a 3 hour job for ours and just above 2 hours for mother.

The hairdresser gave us a good head, neck and back massage. Like wow.. I want to keep her. Her superior managed to persuade us to go home with a few hair related purchases. It comes with a free gift of course.

Rebonding = RM 200.00 x 2

Shampoo + Conditioner = RM 50.00 (after discount) x 2

FREE 2 Travel Sets + 1 FREE Hair Serum

Wash + Cut + Treatment  = RM 78.00

Post saloon session we had a hearty lunch. Gossiping over stuff. Catching up on things. Then a phone call came through for my mother. It was a friend of hers. My sister and I could tell that she has a wonderful day as she kept saying to her friend that she went to the saloon with her daughters on a replay every 5 mins or so. ha ha ha.

That was when I realized that even though to me it was just a brief ‘buat rambut’ session – to my mother it meant the world. See how joy can come in the little things we do or say? Try bringing some coconut shake on your next visit.😛