The hobby – Making Youtube videos even if it’ll take me months to make one

Get a hobby. Have an adventure

Saw that quote on Google. I seem to have this fascination in capturing and editing video clips for the past few years. I am aware that it is not really Hollywood material but it is calming (to me) as I immerse myself in the long hours of trimming clips and adding audios to the media. Right now I am trying my hands on Video.Guru, a free app available on Play Store.

Video.Guru was easy to use for a newbie like myself. There is also plenty of Free To Use audios in the app. I did not have to worry about copyright. It took me a while to collect my clips but I felt it was worth it in the end. There is of course always room for improvement. I watched more videos on Youtube than making them. Bingeing mostly on BTS videos, haagrendal, hamimommy and jihyunkkung. Here is my Youtube channel by the way.

I love making the type of vlog where I don’t really show my face. Somehow it is called silent vlogs? It’s not really that silent. I seem to enjoy these kind of videos especially from Japan and South Korea. Most of them are videos of homebodies, moms who love to clean, cafe owners, florists etc. I don’t fancy the ones where they chat a lot on camera. So far, I have only followed one Malaysian vlogger who adopts this type of video called asykalx. A young man in college with a neat room. However, upon searching ‘silent vlogs malaysia’ – it seems that there’s quite a number of aesthetic, calm Malaysian vloggers enjoy making videos in this category. I wish success to all and will follow them one by one.

Why am I celebrating them?

It’s because once upon a time, I watched a video from this very popular influencer and he said that to create interests, vloggers shouldn’t produce something movie-like or something viewers can watch on TV. One should be boisterous on Youtube. I couldn’t help rolling my eyes when I heard that and was thinking, “eh, sukatilah org tu nak vlog gaya canne.. tak sumerang suka cakap banyak2”. Indeed, it was one of my monologues.

Unlike the more focused and professional vloggers, I take more time to produce one video due to work commitments. That is not a good recipe if you’re aiming to generate an income. But of course that is the least of my concern right now. I just want to experiment and see what I could do with my Samsung phone, sometimes the camera and the free app.

My initial target was to make 10 Youtube videos in 1 year.

Unfortunately due to Covid19, I couldn’t make at least 5.

Nevertheless video editing is a great hobby.

I loved it and hope to expand on my skills in producing Youtube videos.

The first few days of the menstrual cycle

Women experience the first few days of the menstrual cycle differently. Once I got over the PMS period, I would usually feel more relaxed and motivated to set my life straight, something like this huge burden flowing out of the uterus! I try not to give in to PMS but often, there is always something that gets on my nerves. Usually, work-related or husbands behaviour. For example, if I am not having PMS, I can tolerate those dirty dishes he left behind in the sink. During PMS, I cannot help it – I want a divorce!

However, a decade of being married to this 1.8m tall Malaccan man, taught me to rein my angry horses, keep calm and isolate myself. From the husband and the kids. So I wouldn’t regret saying things I don’t mean to all of them. I choose not to join them watching Netflix in the family room. I needed to harness my irritability wisely.

I cleared the fridge, threw away leftover food that has been in the containers for over 3 days, washed the dishes, wiped the tables, folded the many baskets of laundry and kept them away. As for my husband’s clothes, I put them on the spare bed in the guest room. He can look for his clothes, underwear and socks there since he can’t seem to keep his own wardrobe tidy. I don’t feel like doing it for him. Hate Mode is still at 50%. I took another shower around 930pm after all the sweat of doing the house chores. I switched on the air conditioner in the living room (I don’t give a shit if the bills go up – husband is paying for my misery), made myself a cup of tea and resumed my reading of Almond. It is a translated work of a Korean author that ARMY’s discovered from the programme BTS IN THE SOOP. Both Namjoon and Yoongi were reading it. I got influenced of course. I wonder if there is a new ‘book exposure’ in the second season.

Managed to finish the book the very same night and posted the feat on Weverse. I had 2 cheers out of the many possible millions of ARMY. Haha. By 11pm, I was calmer although I have kind of ‘deactivated’ my FB account at the time. I guess the blood flow helped a bit. Gosh. I also listened to loops of Over The Horizon by Suga on Youtube before bed. The Ally Mcbeal in me was playing the guitar part like a star!

I reactivated my FB account the next day. That would be today. HAhaha. The husband has already departed for work 187km away. He will be back in a few days. I think my mental health would be better when he comes home. In the meantime, I am continuing to keep the house in order. Decluttering the sofa, checking on my fresh fruit and vegetable supply. Paying my bills and daycare fees on time. I even have time to upload preloved books on my Shopee bookshop. Feel free to visit Moon Chamber – my 2nd hand virtual bookstore. If my energy keeps buzzing, I might do a voiceover recording and upload it on Fiverr or one of those buy me coffee sites.

I am halfway through editing my silent vlog for Youtube – I just need a few more footage. It should be up in the next 2 weeks. Well, that sounds very energetic and focused. It may happen or may not as I might just channel that motivation into mopping the kitchen floor in a few days.

Jung Kook’s painting

I am a new A.R.M.Y. I embraced the fandom when Dynamite came out – which means I am watching old old videos of BTS just because I wanted to know their names in the first place. Once such video is BTS In The Soop where the boys get to chill at this house doing whatever it is that they like. Be it making legos, playing ping pong, cook meals, binge on games, fishing and such.

What caught my attention was Jung Kook’s painting. Needless to say, all the boys are talented and produced great art on the canvas. With the exception of Tae as he ‘created’ a sculpture instead.

Great paintings and sketches start with the base/ basic shapes.

For someone like myself, who doesn’t know how to draw a simple face and hand, this was what I observed during my scrolls on IG. Artists always start with circles or ovals before filling in the details of the drawing. It is puzzling to see how the most detailed drawings start with just a rectangle. Then I was super amazed when I saw Jungkook painted the greens and yellows over that black mountain. I had no idea that it was possible. Ingatkan kalau dah hitam tu kira tak boleh nak ubah apa dah.. I was proven wrong. In fact, the colours came out so pretty. There’s so many things I don’t know about art on canvas.

Dalam konteks manusia, your past mungkin kelam. Hitam. But nothing is stopping you if you want to start anew, rebrand and become a better person. Just like the colours in Jungkook’s painting.

Aiming for 50% coverage of vaccination rate

I am keeping this here because they got my name right. Not Yasmeen or Jasmine.

So far, Melaka is at 48% of completed 2nd dose of the vaccine. Once the state reaches 50%, we could hopefully slide into the next phase of the National Recovery Plan. As someone working behind the scenes, the situation is not as rosy. Meeting targets means stretching ourselves short. Working on weekends and public holidays. It got to a point when my daughter told me one day to stop going to work. But I still had to leave after a lot of reassurance. I am still thankful that I could see her waking up and tucking her in bed at night. Some of the front liners do not have such luxury.

I am all for vaccination.

However, the current policy of mandatory vaccination to enter public premises and all, is something I feel needs to be scrutinized. The problem with such implementation at the society level is such that it can be too ‘strict’ so much so that it is not accepting isolated cases where members of the public who are not fit for vaccination. Which leaves the MOH again in figuring out a way of how to certify the medical conditions of these individuals. Do we have them assessed by certain specialists? Do they get a special certificate or memo regarding their health status? So far, since I am part of the mobile team, I have yet to come across these ‘special’ cases but I am sure I will encounter them in the near future.

My 2nd reel on Instagram

I don’t know how the youngsters do it. Doing a tik tok/reel one after the other. Such genius beings! How do they get the timing of the video and audio in sync? I had to refer to a tutorial to do the #add27photoschallenge. It took me about 3 trials to finally get it right, somehow. This 2nd reel is a snippet of how the district’s vaccine mobile team (technically, my team) goes about. I am still shooting and collecting videos to edit and make it into something I could put on Youtube. Aiming to upload a 10-minute video.

Our little team

A medical officer, a vaccination (nurse) and a driver. Sometimes, we have a medical assistant to help or NGO’s.

There are 2 medical officers – I take a turn with my colleagues so we could rest.