My mask acne cleared up – finally

Remember my Hermo Haul some time ago? I was on a quest to solve my acne troubles. Well, the problems solved but the star product wasn’t from any of the items I bought. Some of the skin care products helped but you could tell they were more as an adjunct and did not lend any significant improvements to my skin’s condition. I tried and implemented a few new things to my schedule/regime.

Lifestyle changes

  1. Drink more plain water – I am refilling my water bottle more often at work since we have the dispenser machine at the workplace. That helped a lot
  2. Manage time better – sleep better, plan my assignments so I wouldn’t have to cram every single thing in 2 weeks or so
  3. Change my 3 ply mask more often – it is now recommended to double mask to protect ourselves from new, vicious strains.

Self love

  1. I bought loose flowers for myself from this online florist – The Fine Flowers. Staring at the fresh flowers reminds me of my happy days as a medical student. Back then, I got mine from our local supermarket like ASDA. Loose flowers ni kira normal and keperluan utk omputih. In Malaysia, flowers mcm for special occasions je.. hence the steep pricing. Sedeh sis.
  2. Explore good music that uplifts the mood – as you can tell, my current obsession is BTS. If I can get over Take That and NSync when their time comes to part, I am sure I would be able to do the same for BTS. But please, tunggu sis naik 40. ha ha ha.

Invest in good skincare product

For now, from my previous hauls.. I am really loving Goodal’s Vitamin C toner pad and Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask. In fact, I am repeating the order for Goodal although it costs quite a bomb. It’s about RM88 without discount. Which means, another Hermo Haul coming soon. So, what is the star product that managed to solve my mask acne problem. It is actually a Japanese product that most Malaysian women have grown accustomed to. I have used this product before and due to it’s hefty price, decided to switch to a Korean brand. Turns out, these products are superior and well received because they do what they say.

It is SKII.

Sk-ii Pitera Welcome Kit By Sk-ii - 3 Pc 2.5oz Facial Treatment Essence 1oz  Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 0.5oz Rna Radical New Age Cream, 3 Count- Buy  Online in Bahamas at

Bought the welcome kit from an online store

It worked wonders in less than 2 weeks – I was delighted. Even the acne scars have become less pigmented. Throughout using this product, I didn’t use other beauty products, not even makeup except for the facial cleansers. I guess SKII is here to stay until I am 40. It has been giving me a youthful look so far. LOLS.

Vaccine Mobile Team

I have been absorbed into the vaccine mobile team at my current workplace. Somehow, my superior is convinced that I could contribute well as a vaccinator considering my previous participation as one in my past clinic. At the moment, the vaccine mobile team plays a role in going to the potential vaccinees who are having difficulties to go to the vaccination centre themselves. These group of people are usually part of the marginalized community. So far, the government mobile teams have been going to old folks home at nearby areas. This correlates with the objectives of PICK’s 2nd phase of vaccinating the elderly population and those with medical comorbidities. Soon, this service will be extended to those living in the very rural areas of the country, prisons and others.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is also working closely with medical NGOs like IMARET and MERCY Malaysia to materialize these efforts. Once these NGOs can work independently, these outreach activities will be delegated to them so as the MOH team could concentrate on their respective vaccination centres.

Last week I shadowed my senior counterpart in learning the ways on how to manage these sessions. Starting from making the line-listing on Excel, ordering the vaccines and checking on the team for the day. The vaccine mobile team will consist of one medical officer, an assistant medical officer and two nurses. I have to learn everything as fast as I can on that day cause I will be on my own next week for 3 days in a row. I hope I don’t screw up. Allah, help…

I had the opportunity to meet up with the MERCY volunteers as well. Bless their soul for participating in the programme in their free time. They have a heart of gold. PICK is scheduled to go on till next year. Like it or not, the world needs to accept the new normal.

I guess I am an Unnie Army?

Paulo Coelho loves them too!

BTS did not happen overnight. I believe it took them years to get them to where they are today. I wasn’t a fan of them before cause I didn’t really knew they exist. The only KPop group I knew back then was 2PM and TVXQ. I loved heartbeat from 2PM and as for TVXQ, I bought their album. I bought Kang Gary’s Lessang CD too. I heard of Super Junior and Shinee but I didn’t really enjoy their songs. The girls group I knew of back then were A-Pink and Girls Generation – that’s it. Then, there was IU – South Korea’s favourite nation sister. I still love IU – she is so versatile.

BTS somehow never appeared on my search for good KPop songs. Until last year.

I was intrigued how a song called Dynamite could get so many views in such a short period of time. I watched it and just like that, I was hooked. Half a year later into the Covid19 pandemic, I upgraded myself as a baby army. An unnie but baby army. Of course, apart from binging on Vincenzo Cassano, I watched old clips of them on Youtube. Their appearance on variety shows, their dance practices, their trips to god knows where – all of them were entertaining. It felt like going back into my adolescent years – adoring seven young men who don’t really know Minci. ha ha.

As in any boy’s group, one must have a bias. Thing is, I keep switching from one person to another cause they’re so likeable. Even then, V still appear at the bottom of the list. Sorry, unnie kureng minat sama mu. The ones topping the lists are RM, SUGA and JIN. Haih.. nampak sgt taste are-kak are-kak kan… Undeniably, JungKook is the golden maknae. He is very talented. Unnie will put you in the list in 2-3 years time.

Kenapa RM – sebab dia ketua, sis mudah terpesona dengan orang yang berkarisma. And takes care of this team members. He is trying his best all the time. Penat jadi dia sebenarnya. So yer.. minat orang yang diligent camni.

Kenapa Suga – he reminds me of myself actually. I would want him to become my best friend if we were studying or working together. We would just enjoy each other’s company in the same room doing our own thing, tak perlu bercakap hu ha tapi connection tuh ada. It seems that we are both almost always tired. Not that energetic amidst the more active young members but is still able to soak in the experience. In my case, it would be the very active and talkative colleagues at work. I am a bit quiet at the clinic but I still enjoy listening to the conversations and banter among the people at my workplace. Participation je tak berapa. Ha ha. Kerja masih jalan though. Rajin. Kreatif. Buat hal sendiri. Macam Suga. Ha ha.

Kenapa Jin – if I meet a person with this personality, I would also want to make him/her one of my close friends. He is the oldest member of the group but behaves like one of the youngest. Ok, now he sounds like me. Ha ha ha. Even then, he always has his friends best interest in mind. Dahulukan kawan. Jaga hati kawan dan adik2. Generous. He is not the best dancer in the group but he gives his best all the time at any performance.

The thing about being in the Hyung line is that, akan sampai satu masa.. you will want to leave it all. Cause your priorities will be different by then as you age up. When will that happen? I have no idea. Any clues of any Kpop group who are still doing their thing in their 30s? I wonder what will happen to the Army’s then.. there will definitely be a huge outcry.

Recently, BTS Meal was launched in Malaysia. There were nuggets with special sauces. I was not up for it but I went on a Shopee Spree and bought some T-Shirts and hoodies online. I even purchased one a T shirt that has Suga’s name on it. Nampak tak are-kak minat sgt teww.. I have some watches and water bottles in my Shopee cart but I will click to order say, next month. I am contemplating on getting those BTS bomb lights but am waiting for the impulsive urge to die out first and see if I still want it in 2 months time. It’s because I’m not quite sure what I could use it for. They should consider making those mini fans merchandise that I could use in my consultation room. Ha ha.

A short message from the lady boss

Sy ucapkan terima kasih pd semua staff sy yg byk berkorban masa, tenaga dan mental stability dlm menangani masalah skrg. Sy dpt rasakan betapa sukarnya semua bertugas dlm pandemic covid ni. Yg di rrt, cac, triage, pkrc, klinik.
Minta maaf atas semua kecelaruan yg berlaku.

Anggaplah komuniti suka pd kita di kk** ni yg baik, sopan , sabar dan prihatin rakyat.

Keep up yr good work.
DG pesan kita kn kuat lawan situasi yg lebih buruk akan dtg.

Tq semua. 🌹

This was a message sent by my Family Medicine Specialist (FMS), our lady boss, in our clinic’s watsapp group. She was thanking all of us from cleaners to doctors for doing a wonderful job during the pandemic. She demonstrated empathy towards our busy schedules and even made an apology for mishaps that happened beyond her control. She reminded us to serve in the best way we can to the community and always have the right intentions in accomplishing our duties. The message ended with another thank you and a rose emoji.

This was perhaps one of the very few heartfelt messages I have ever read or received from a superior. In a way it made us feel that we are not forgotten and that we are all weathering the same storm together. That she has her own role in this matter and us with ours. It felt good and inadvertently energized everybody to give their very best.

I hope that she will train more leaders like herself to create a better working culture environment for the future. I think most of our Malaysian organizations need that.

The perception of ICU care

An ex-colleague of mine, NS, just lost her beloved father to Covid-19 last week. I worked with NS briefly at a district hospital many years ago in the emergency unit. She left the unit for a dream to become an independent private medical practitioner on top of family commitments. Years passed. She did very well and from what I witnessed from afar, she has come to a stage that she is renowned as a local celebrity. The one with alhamdulilah, positive influence.

The challenges of becoming this public figure however comes with a price. Everything about her life and actions were scrutinized by netizens. I was so saddened to see how some of these people, who were not even there, were passing judgments on how she, a doctor, should manage her father’s condition. They screenshot her pictures and videos with her father and made it an ‘illustration’ to their own blog/ face book post about a topic that they want to talk about.

Netizen Comments

There was a comment on Habbatus Sauda (black seed), an alternative superfood that boasts a multitude of benefits. They were saying that because she is a doctor, this form of therapy was probably not put forth to her father causing him to succumb to his premature death. Then there were so called opinions that to put the father on a ventilator in ICU was a terrible idea because he looked fine! And that it was the ventilator that sped up his death. All these were said at the time when NS and her family was grieving. Some may say, just ignore it. However, in Malaysia, this is a big deal as social media is a heavily ingrained neo-culture in our everyday lives. I think we are like the top 5 users of social media in the world? Having someone posting on social media bad things about you is like having that person standing right next to you during the funeral. You could literally trigger someone to respond with just a few words on social media.

I have nothing against Habbatus Sauda. It has its benefits but like any form of food, it does have it’s limitations and you don’t treat something that needs a quick fix by consuming Habbatus Sauda while hoping that everything will be alright in a few minutes. We have to be realistic. What I am really bugged about is how people perceive the use of ICU care.

Who gets to go to Intensive Care Unit

ICU care is not for patients who, from the anaesthetists assessments are candidates heading towards imminent death. That is palliative care.

ICU is for those who are very ill but having the chance to pull it through and survive. We do have patients who are not ventilated in ICU because we anticipate a problem that could happen if the patient is managed in a normal ward and not monitored by the hour. For example, a patient with a long bone fracture. He may be alert and sitting up but he is at risk of a fat embolism from his injury. If his vitals are not monitored regularly, the early symptoms may be missed. Being on a ventilator per se is not an automatic ticket for a place in ICU. A patient could be ventilated in the wards for the comfort of the patient, to help the patient breath but they are not indicated for ICU care. The decision to intubate a patient is never an easy task. This is because it comes with its own risk and complication. But once a decision is made, they are always in the patients best of interest. Tak adalah orang suka2 nak masuk tube dan menyusahkan pesakit . Intubation requires preparation and a lot of planning regarding the patients care , the moment the team makes the step. It looks macam senang to the public when in fact, it is because the team are experienced and have been doing it for a long time.

How is ICU different from managements in the ward?

An ideal ICU set up is when you have 1 nurse caring for 1 patient. We are stretching these skilled nurses to a point of having 1 nurse caring for probably 3 patients. This nurse will be responsible to check on the patient from head to toe. From simple hygiene to matters as heavy as flow of inotropes and fluid. Every single input and output of the patient is measured. Apart from carrying out the doctor’s order, they are the eyes and ears that identify the turning point of the patient of whether they are getting better or worse. Every beep from the machines carry a different meaning and if a skilled person has worked in ICU for a long time, even the slight change in the beep tone was enough to warrant a concern from the nursing side. The problem will be highlighted to the intensivists for review and managed accordingly.

When I was a medical officer in the surgical department, one of the surgeons was very keen to learn the trick of the trade in managing pancreatitis. He wanted to lessen the burden on ICU by trying to manage his these patients in the general ward. He wanted to know what is ICU doing differently there so that he could emulate and bring on the practice in his ward. I never knew what was the final answer but I guess the strength of ICU lies in paying attention to the most meticulous detail in patient management. The drips per hour, the difference in pulse pressure, body temperature etc.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

NS’s father was a suitable candidate for ICU. I cannot see it as otherwise. He had a chance to survive but the impact of Covid-19 was greater. I could only pray that NS and her family forgive those who perceived his care pathway as detrimental to his condition. That they could grieve in peace and move forward as a family.