It seems that strawberries are in season in South Korea. BTS Jin gifted SK’s favourite chef, Fuxtom with some during his visit to a strawberry farm. Then, there were a few SK Youtuber’s making videos surrounding the fruit’s theme. It seems that South Korean’s take on strawberry is different from Malaysians. Indeed, a friend who travelled to the country said that their strawberries are bigger and sweeter than what we have here. No wonder SK’s love them so much.

The strawberries I buy in the supermarket here is a gamble. Although it has the prettiest red and pinkish hue, most of them taste sour. Even then, I would still buy them as I kept on hoping that I would get lucky with a sweet one.

It reminds me of a toxic relationship sometimes.

Knowing that most of the time, you’d be treated like crap and yet you stick to it because you’re still hoping for that one moment that you’ll be a queen in his eyes. Although it will never come.

Take a picture of the sky every time you miss her

It’s a trending reel on Instagram. I had thought of jumping into that healing method as well but never got around to doing so. The ‘miss her’ part is often substituted by heaves of silent sighs. Macam ada feeling tak complete although when I try to remember back, I don’t really talk to my mom that often when she was alive. I was just never the talking about my life type. Even then, Alhamdulillah, Allah bestowed upon me a daughter.

She is a charm. She seems to have a high degree of emotional intelligence for a child that surprises me sometimes. She would ask me if I was Ok. If I was happy? I mean, what kind of child asks an adult those sorts of questions. I know my son doesn’t and he is in primary school. My kids are my world. My daughter especially. If anything happens to her, I think I would hit rock bottom.

Today, I finally got around to cleaning the guest room. We haven’t been receiving guests for a very long time since Covid19 struck. The room had that abandoned, musty smell. I opened the windows to air it out. Hoovered the floor and changed the bedsheets. Then, I saw something on the dresser and was automatically brought to tears.

It was my mom’s crystal bracelet.

It’s been in that room for god knows how long and if I didn’t clean it, I’d probably not know that it was there all this time. A piece of her. To keep. I had to take a moment to calm myself down when I found the bracelet. I thought I’ve passed the time where one would be missing their loved ones deeply but it seems that I haven’t. Instead, I realized that I have always missed her and those feelings are suppressed by the stress at work and the busyness in managing the household.

Grief is love with nowhere to go

I asked my sister if it was OK for me to keep the bracelet. In case she loved the design. She said I could keep it. I couldn’t really explain that feeling of comfort I have when I wear the bracelet. At least bila tak dapat ziarah kubur, I have this bracelet sebagai pengubat rindu.

Thank you Samsung Smart Switch

Mr Husband bought me a Samsung A32 for our anniversary gift last week. I was using an A7 before that which is still in good condition although it has suffered quite a few concussions over the years. The battery, storage and general functions are still at its peak despite using it for the last 3 years. It was quite hard to switch to a new phone because of the memories it hold inside. Took a lot of photos and kept a lot of important documents on the phone.

Anyway, as Paulo Coelho puts it

if you’re brave enough to say goodbye,

life will reward you with a new hello

– The Pilgrimage

I unboxed the gift and lo behold, it was in purple. Borahae.

Then I opened the Samsung Smart Switch app and connect both phones over Wifi and Bluetooth.

This app allows you to transfer every single app with sign-in details, photos and media from my A7 to A32 swiftly. In fact, the arrangements of my app on the home screen of my A32 is a clone of my A7. It looked exactly like my old phone’s interface, so much so that it feels like home. Only with more storage and better camera quality.

Every. Single. Detail.

As for my old photos, I organized them in my Seabyte External Hard Disk starting from 2008 till 2021. Well, I tried my best but I still have a lot of documents to organize. J-Hope would be proud!