Mini Review : My name is Hasmah

A biography of someone at 90 years old is worth all the time and dime to get the book and read it. What more someone in Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Binti Mohd Ali‘s shoes who has to juggle a lot of roles and responsibilities along the way.

I recognize her as Tun M’s wife. I acknowledge her being a medical doctor. I have heard of her extreme humility. However, I later found out in the book that she is damn funny and hilarious. It’s like if we were going to med school together, I’d want her to be part of the Sharoe Green girls (that’s where my housemates and I live in Manchester).

It was an easy book to read. A bit on the price-y edge but hey the life lessons in it is incomparable. Still cheaper than a new phone! I leave you with some pearls of wisdom I extracted from the biography.





Perhaps it would help to read the book yourself to understand some of the anecdotes mentioned in my journal.

Today was a great normal Sunday

One could easily tell my state of mind through firstly my pile of laundry and secondly my grocery supplies. If the fridge is like ’empty’ of peeled fruits or at least 2 types of vegetables in the bottom drawer – that is an indication that I have been neglecting myself and the household.

It will mean that I have turned all my family members during dinnertime into Italians for god knows how long as I’d probably be serving them pasta or spaghetti for days. Breakfast will be like the English with our toast and coffee. Forget about tea and scones though. Not applicable.

I was glad to be oncall early on during this recent long weekend. At least despite being post call and sleeping the lethargy off the next day – I still have one full day to get my stuff sorted. And boy I was motivated to just keep things in line. Mop rumah je payah sikit.

I managed to keep away some of my folded clothes. Only to be replaced by a new pile of course. I spent 75 minutes at Kipmart getting proper food to fill up the fridge and pantry with slightly more nutritional options. I feel more human having seedless grapes for snacks and that green leaf stuff in my soup! We even had homemade ayam goreng kentucky for lunch.

The best part of the day was when Mr Husband booked tickets to see Pete’s Dragon. It’s been a while since we watched a movie on a weekend. Together. The 3 of us. I think our last movie was Avengers: Civil War.


Pete’s Dragon got me feeling very sappy and kinda got my eyes welled up in tears since the beginning of the movie. *bawl like a mad chicken here* thank god it has a happy ending. And our final pitstop of the day was a dessert treat at the Big BOwl outlet. What a great Sunday.

Blue ink is just not my color

I wonder if I post this on IG as a giveaway – how many would be interested. Its because I received quite a few blue inked pens in my surprise bundle of joy. I tried to like the colour more but I find that I’m a black ink sorta person.

Hmm.. let me just sleep on it tonight.


Any hard core fans of blue ink here?

The Haul from ShopeeMY… with a bit of melalut stuff in the beginning

If I’m not taking any leave or going for holidays, that means I’ll not be out and about spending my hard earned salary that much. It also means I’ll be coveting over stuff online. Which in turn means more online purchases and more poslaju parcels arriving at my workplace. It’s almost always my parcel that comes through. And they’re not the typical thing a career woman buys like baju or tudung. They’re kawaii stationaries.

Not that I’m a studious person. Like oh my goodness.. ko beli bebanyak memo pad buat apa kan? or the occasional odd questions like – what do you use these pens or paper clips for? or tape ni utk apa? saja tampal mulut ko. 

Well.. most of them I use for my journalling. Yes, I’m back to that hobby. The internet.. Facebook especially has become a very harsh place to put down your little thoughts. Because everything you say apparently has got something to do with one of your friends. Walhal.. sometimes I’m talking about a situation that resurfaced in my memory which took place probably many months ago. And it’s not about you – you egocentric perasan pompuan.. 

Blogs are not that safe either but the exposure is less. If the issue is too sensitive – I’ll just private my post and invite certain people to read it. Or if its damn classified, wait till I die then ask our Malaysian Special Force to hack it. Journals are best. If I really hate someone, I can just print out their face from a photo in FB, stick it in my journal and doodle ugliness on it. Something like voodoo but no needles involved. Or washitape them like mummies of the past.

ANYWAY, this was supposed to be a haul post. See how I melalut. ShopeeMY has this free shipping thing going on still on their site. Of course, I took the opportunity to restock my stack of washi and memo pads. I did more exploring and decided on 2 other stores selling these cute stuff.



My favourite item from this haul is the Superman Slim Tape and the Farm Animals. I loved how LootersBox included a free sample of Washi Tape. Knowing myself – if I happen to like the sample/freebie there is a high chance I’ll be returning to the shop to buy more. Not only for the Superman tape but also for those scissors slim tape because I love sending off parcels and cards too. It makes a good seal.




My favourite items are the travel sticky pad set and the panda memo set. I was obviously excited and grateful as I noticed a cute freebie collar bookmark in the package as well. I had been surveying other online stores in ShopeeMY for better deals but I find LittleZakka offers the best price for them memo pads. I will definitely keep them on my watch list.

So don’t wait and hesitate. Head over to ShopeeMY now.



One of those moments when I had total Tawakal to Allah …

Tawakkal (Arabic: تَوَكُّل‎‎) in the Arabic language, is the word for the Islamic concept of reliance on God or “trusting in God’s plan”. It is seen as “perfect trust in God and reliance on Him alone.”

I just had another moment betul2 tawakal last week when I managed a lady with dengue. A severe dengue. And she was pregnant.

It’s one of those cases when even the most bad ass sinner would turn to God seeking help. For all we know, there is no antiviral nor magic concoction to battle the disease yet. We could only provide supportive treatment until the virus weakens, as our antibody fights it off.

If you confront in with an already impaired health status – meaning for instance if you have diabetes or a pre-existing heart condition, it may mean you have to fight harder. Yet doctors and researchers remain perplexed as to why young, healthy individuals still succumb to death despite having nil medical condition.

In my case, I like to think that a pregnant mother gets their extra support to fight dengue from their fetus. Just like those pregnant doctors oncall who seems to have super strength doing their job even though they had to be on their feet and stay awake all night.

On that particular day, the moment the lab called to inform that her blood results were positive for dengue – I had cold sweats. My first thought was, what would my visiting specialist do? I used whatever insight and things I learnt from my boss from a case I consulted a few days before (also a lady who had dengue fever with very low blood pressure) and applied whats relevant in the current case. I kept reminding myself to document my actions and treatment plans properly because if other people do not see it on paper – that means you did not do it. Documentation has always been a problem for me because one, I am very slow in differentiating what is left and right. Secondly, my thought processes are so fast that my hands can’t keep up. However, it must be done for effective continuation of care.

I have been in a mortality case discussion before. Although no fingers were pointed (like, honestly!) – in retrospective, we always feel bad because in hindsight there was always that something you could do to hopefully shift the condition to a better outcome.

After initiating proper early interventions and consulting important people, I passed the baton to my more expert colleagues in the tertiary hospital. From what I gathered, they had a sleepless night too as they had to face several medical emergencies one after the other. But I was very hopeful because it was a strong team working that night. At that hospital.

My adrenaline and anxiety did not stop there. I actually made solat hajat and read Yasin for the patient that night. Which was something I rarely do. Even for those who are most ill. But I felt compelled to do so because during the last minutes prior to transferring her into the ambulance – I caught the face of one of her children. Her son, probably around 8 years old. Crying in the arms of his father who was also sobbing – worried sick for this wife who has bored him their  4 children and now carrying his 5th.

That made me very determined to pray to Allah that night. So this woman could stay strong , so she could return to her family and wipe away the tears of her crying husband and children. And that everything would be okay once more.

Alhamdulilah.. she is now out of danger.